Plane hijacked in Mexico lands safely

As of press time, a Bolivian national is being held in custody for hijacking a Boeing 737 Aeromexico jet in Cancun Mexico. The hijacking took place at 1:40 p.m. and the plane was landed safely in Mexico City, its original destination. During the flight, the hijacker threatened to blow up the plane if he was unable to speak with Mexicoís President Felipe CalderÛn. A number of passengers described the incident as fairly peaceful.

Lobbyists recommend reduction in emissions

The Climate Change Committee, Londonís official climate change advisors, said that Great Britain may need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 90 percent by 2050 to compensate for the growth of the aviation industry. Continue reading WORLD


Forum series begins with famous author

The Wooster Forum series begins Wednesday, Sept. 9 at 7:30 p.m. in McGaw Chapel.† Tracey Kidder, a bestselling author, will discuss ìMountains Beyond Mountains,” an exploration of tuberculosis and AIDS through the eyes of Dr. Paul Farmer, operating in Haiti.† Farmer founded the non-governmental health care provider Zanmi Lasante in Plateau Central, Haiti, as well as clinics and hospitals to help stem the spread of tuberculosis and AIDS in the region. Kidderís book was required reading for the incoming Class of 2013. Continue reading CAMPUS


Waste causes hearing at Health Department

A local dumping ground may face a hearing at the Holmes County Department of Health. The Department is responding to a report from the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency which indicated a property off of Route 83 in Prairie Township had accumulated a significant amount of solid waste ranging from household objects to construction materials.

Department of Health officials fear prolonged accumulation of trash in the area has the potential to contaminate area surface and ground water.† Property owner Victor Whytsell has yet to respond to a July letter requesting clean-up of the property. Continue reading LOCAL


Fire spreads in California

Firefighters battling wildfires in the mountains surrounding Los Angeles may face further challenges due to a change in weather conditions this week.† Lower humidity in the region may further fuel the massive fires, which are assumed to be caused by human activity.

The ìStation Fire” has claimed the lives of two firemen, destroyed 62 California homes and cost the state upwards of $14 million.† Over 140,000 acres have been lost due to the blaze, which continues to rage only fifteen miles from the city of Los Angeles. At press time, firefighters state the blaze has only been 22 percent contained since its inception last Wednesday. Continue reading National


Palestinian and Israeli have discussions

Though formal peace negotiations remain deadlocked, high-level officials from Israel and the Palestinian Territories met Wednesday to engage in economic discussions.† These are the highest level discussions held since Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has assumed office.

Palestinian Economy Minister Bassem Khoury met with Israeli Vice Prime Minister Silvan Shalom for ìpositive” discussions.† Topics under discussion included travel restrictions against Palestinians, imports into the West Bank, telecommunications issues, and the transfer of goods and money into the still-blockaded Gaza Strip.† The two agreed to meet again in six weeks to continue discussions. Continue reading INTERNATIONAL

Professor of Geology receives grant

Professor of Geology Greg Wiles has recently received a grant from the National Science Foundation, which will allow him to continue his ongoing research of global climate change through the study of tree rings in Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve in Alaska. This research, done in collaboration with the U.S. Army, Columbia University, and the National Park Service, aims to establish a more detailed tree ring chronology, specifically focusing on patterns of temperature change in the past. Continue reading Professor of Geology receives grant

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