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In an email correspondence with the Voice, Provost and French and Francophone Studies Professor Lisa Perfetti shared the current progress of the Academic Program Review’s (APR) process. The APR process has been occurring since last spring and will still be in process into next semester.

Perfetti is currently setting up meetings with each department on campus to discuss the contents of the APR and the departments’ responses to the proposed changes within the document. After these conversations conclude, Perfetti said that she would be developing written feedback for departments and discovering where departments might need extra support.

“In October, only three programs were recommended for discontinuation, none of which currently has permanent College of Wooster faculty dedicated to that program,” Perfetti said. The three programs in question are comparative literature, Russian and music therapy. Perfetti also mentioned the possible creation of new academic programs that would be “in line with [the College’s] mission.”

The APR team is also planning on reshaping the logistics surrounding Independent Study and First Year Seminar. This point in the plan has not been completely solidified as the committee is working more on departmental issues than general educational structure.  “In the meantime, I encourage all students to provide thoughtful feedback to their professors on their experiences, whether in the form of appreciation and constructive feedback on individual assignments and activities in a course on end-of-year evaluations or participating in department surveys on their experiences in the major,” Perfetti said in her message to the Voice.

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Julia Garrison

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