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On Aug. 18, Director of Lowry Center & Student Activities Julia Zimmer sent an email to student organization leaders and introduced a new website that “serves to help students get connected with student organizations, events and other opportunities at Wooster.” The website, ScotsConnect, also helps student organizations streamline their programs and documents by simplifying the process of roster management, events approval and other obligations.

In the weeks since the launch of the website, LCSA has provided several training sessions for student leaders to navigate its features. Some of the features include a display of upcoming events, which can be sorted by organizations as well as categories. In addition, students can also access forms that allow them to register organizations and events as well as find organizations that suit a student’s interest. ScotsConnect also includes information about all of the student organizations that are currently chartered on campus along with the contact information of the current members. To join an organization, a student can simply open the organization’s webpage and click the “Join” button.

“I’m very glad that the College introduced this platform for all of us to connect and navigate our clubs because we have experienced several setbacks in the past,” said Sobika Thapa ’22, a member of the South Asia Committee. “The feature that I appreciate the most is that the website allows students to join and reach out to organizations easily. I remember struggling to find the contact information of student leaders last year because the website had not been updated with a list of the current members but connecting to other groups and leaders will be easier now.”

The platform will also help the LCSA staff, who are often overburdened with responsibilities of managing over 100 student organizations while remaining understaffed. As offices have had to be spread out across campus since the renovation of the Student Center, the platform will also save organizations from the hassle of visiting the LCSA office, which is no longer at the center of campus.

In addition to establishing a new platform for students to connect, LCSA has also been providing additional resources for student organizations to improve leadership as well as communication between LCSA and clubs. In April, LCSA introduced “Leadership Saturday,” a workshop for newly elected leaders to transition into their roles in their organizations. LCSA is also offering a mandatory financial training for student leaders to navigate finances for their organizations. Last year, the office had also introduced a monthly newsletter for student organizations to receive information and updates as well as keep up with deadlines pertaining to their clubs.

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Chloe Burdette

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