Security discovered marijuana, prescription drugs, and LSD in the dorm room of Sarah Loether ’15

Madeleine O’Neill

News Editor

At 10:50 p.m. on the night of Oct. 12, officers from the Wooster Police Department were called to Holden Hall by campus Security and Protective Services officers in response to a drug complaint. Security had conducted a search of the dorm room of Sarah Loether ’15 and found marijuana, prescription pills and LSD, as well as drug paraphernalia including scales and glassware, according to the Wooster Police Department’s public record on the incident. The record also indicated that about $1,000 in cash was found in Loether’s room.

Captain Scott Rotolo of the Wooster Police Department said that a note had been given to the RA on Loether’s hall to alert the RA to the smell of marijuana coming from Loether’s room. The note was subsequently seized by the police to be used as evidence in the case. It is unclear whether the note prompted Security’s initial search of the room.

Loether was arrested and charged with drug trafficking and possession, although the charge was later changed to aggravated possession of drugs according to court records. At press time, Loether had not yet entered a plea in the Wayne County Court of Common Pleas.

Because LSD and marijuana are Schedule I drugs, in the same category as heroin and crack cocaine, their trafficking is a felony. If Loether is found guilty, she could face extensive jail time depending on the amount of the drugs she possessed, which is unclear at this time.

College administrators were unable to comment on the specifics of this case because of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), which prevents the release of students’ private information.

Steve Glick, Director of Security and Protective Services, did explain “since [Security is] not a law enforcement agency, we cannot seize drugs or paraphernalia.” It was because of this limitation that the Wooster Police Department was called to the scene.

Senior Associate Dean of Students Carolyn Buxton was one of the administrators who declined to comment on this specific case. She did note that “the college responds to any incident involving drugs by referring the student to judicial action.” In a case such as this, where criminal charges have been filed, the College can still take additional judicial action against the student involved.

Although no administrators would comment on the action being taken against Loether by the College, a student source in contact with Loether indicated that she left campus on Thursday as a result of judicial action.

It is unknown as of press time whether her departure was the result of suspension or permanent expulsion.