The College of Wooster's student-run newspaper since 1883.

Contact Information

The Wooster Voice can be contacted via mail at:

The Wooster Voice
Box C-3187
The College of Wooster
1189 Beall Ave.
Wooster, OH 44691

 Or you can contact editors directly, using the information below:


Bri Becerra and Rae Harris (

News Editors

Gianna Hayes and Julia Garrison ( and

Viewpoints Editors

Zach Perrier and Rae Harris

Features Editors

Bri Becerra and Emma Shinker

Arts and Entertainment Editors

Gabe Thomas and Miles Rochester

Creative Editors

Wyn Caudle and Gabriel McCreath

Science Editors

Caroline Ward and Ruhee Mehta

Sports Editors

Thomas Pitney and Henry Schneiderman