“Happier Than Ever” Making the Choice: To Care or Not to Care

Faye Moledina  

Contributing Writer




On July 30, 2021 at exactly 12 a.m., I laid down on my cousin’s couch in darkness watching her projector light up the ceiling with a swirling galaxy of colors as we listened to the “Happier Than Ever” album for the first time, both of us lying in silence listening to Billie Eilish tell her story. 

Through this album, we see the sheer growth of Billie as an artist and a person. Billie said in her 2021 Vevo interview that she wanted this album to be open for people to find their own meaning in each song and know that, “their own interpretation is the right interpretation.” Although Billie wants us to each have our own interpretation, one main theme she carries through this album is her growth as a person. One aspect of that self improvement is disregarding the opinions of other people. 

In her previous album, “When We All Fall Asleep Where Do We Go,the tone of her voice is lower, darker and grim. It is iconic. Her sound is very distinct. She speaks to people through her music. Her voice is soft and raspy, giving listeners a sense of comfort and familiarity. You hear her raw voice clearly through her songs as if she is talking to you. Although some of the mellow and blurred tones carry through into the new album in songs such as “Everybody Dies,” “Overheated,” “Halley’s Comet” and the beginning of “Happier Than Ever,” one of her goals in creating this album was to make it feel like a complete collection of songs but not the same song over and over. To achieve this, she incorporated a wider variety of sounds, including bossa nova, rock, voice layering and choir. 

One of my favorite parts of the album is the seamless transition between the two songs “Not My Responsibility” and “Overheated.” “Overheated” begins with the same end melody of  “Not My Responsibility. ” These two songs move seamlessly into each other, not only in the melody but also in the lyrics. She goes from talking about people’s opinions in “Not My Responsibility”’ to being “Overheated” by the media and bombardment she faces in public. In “Not My Responsibility,” Billie recites a dialogue with a beat in the background moving from ear to ear as you listen. In both songs, she comments on her every move being constantly watched and being judged for her actions, opinions and body. Billie also mentions the controversy over her clothing while interrogating why her choice of dress unreasonably matters so much to others. Moreover, Billie questions and challenges people’s perceptions and opinions of her. She portrays this through questioning, asking what people want from her and if she should change herself for the approval of others. The overarching theme of these two songs is to not care about the opinions of outsiders. This is especially important for Billie, who is a public figure constantly being watched as people try to find her flaws. But, as Billie says  “It’s so weird that we care so much until we don’t.” 

Springfest: Back Thanks to Wooster Activities Crew

Morgan Hunter

Contributing Writer   




Come for the music, stay for President Bolton blowing bubbles. This was the consensus among students in attendance at Springfest this past weekend, put on by the Wooster Activities Crew (WAC). It was truly a night to remember — one you did not want to miss. If you did miss it, however, here’s everything you need to know about the evening. 

         Activities kicked off around 5 p.m. and there was something for just about everyone! Many people found their competitive spirit and enjoyed the fun, partaking in the inflatable obstacle courses available on the academic quad. Aubrey Davis ’25 summed up the experience shared by many: “My arms are shaking but I feel accomplished.” For those less inclined to battling it out in the hamster balls, there were plenty of snacks and refreshments, all courtesy of WAC. 

         At 7 p.m., the real party started! Spotting Sarah, a student band, opened first with a well-received set of both covers and original music. The crowd loved every minute of it, even encouraging an encore. “We only recently formed up as a band so being able to play on this scale for the campus before multiple of our members graduate was an absolute blast,” explains Karabella Hernandez ’22, the lead singer of Spotting Sarah.  “Playing music with friends has honestly been the highlight of this school year for me,” Colin Schrein ’25 added. “The other artists were amazing as well. I was honored to be able to open for Kenzo Cregan and Wallice.”

         In a last-minute replacement, the second performance was an acoustic set by Kenzo Cregan. While it was not what many expected, all were enthusiastic. The performers even stuck around and had a blast socializing with the students. “I thought it was very funny that we were wearing the same outfit. [Cregan] acknowledged it and we had a good laugh about it,” shared Shane Byrne ’23. Many enjoyed the duo’s folksy, original songs and how their personality set the stage for the long-anticipated headliner: Wallice! Wallice came all the way from Los Angeles to perform and everyone couldn’t get enough. She sang all of her most popular songs and even a few from her new EP that is being released this Friday. Students enjoyed her relatable lyrics and her personality on and off the stage. 

         Events like this don’t happen without months of preparation. Whether it be the tireless planning down to the wire by the dedicated members of WAC or the overtime hours put in by the generous volunteers, putting on the first in-person Springfest in three years was no easy task. “It’s fun, usually not that annoying, but sometimes things don’t go how we plan. That’s whenever we start improvising,” explained Preston Melchior-Fisher ’24, Vice President of Membership and Finance for WAC, when interviewed at the conclusion of the event. Executing an event of this size is hard, but can always be made easier with more volunteers. One volunteer, Robert Stark ’23, discussed his fulfilling experience working alongside WAC members. “This is one of the most fun nights every year, a fantastic tradition. It’s so great of WAC to put this all on and provide all the fun and exciting activities. Volunteering was a chill experience, but we always need more hands on deck.” 

         All in all, the results are in: Springfest is back and it was a resounding success! We all owe WAC a big thank you for making yet another weekend memorable beyond compare. After all, no one put it better than Alexa Carlozzi ’23: “I got to boogie, and that’s a good night for me!”

Bite-Size Sports 5/6/22

Thomas Pitney

Sports Editor




Steelers Pick Up Pickett

Steelers fans were crying tears of joy this past week as a result of their front office’s choice to draft quarterback Kenny Pickett from the University of Pittsburgh. The 23 year old Gemini and Unitas Golden Arm winner will attempt to replace the legendary Ben Rothisberger and Steelers fans approve. One fan even went as far as to say that Pittsburgh’s pick “single-handedly saved [his] mental health,” and that “he’s gonna be the greatest of all time.” The NFL community will now patiently wait to see if he can handle the hype.


Malik Willis to Replace Tannehill?

In Tennessee, the post draft mood was a little different, with 1st option Ryan Tannehill upset over the Titan’s decision to draft Malik Willis from Liberty University. The veteran who has found unlikely success in the volunteer state, apparently doesn’t like the state’s nickname, as he has shared with media that ‘its not [his] job to mentor Malik Willis. This came as a shock to many, but the narrative is sure to change within the coming months.

Source: ESPN.com


U.S. Hopes To Free Brittany Griner

Brittany Griner, a WNBA player, was detained in Russia two months ago for the possession of hash cartridges, an illegal substance in Russia. It has been 75 days and she is still not home. At first, the U.S. was hesitant to accuse Russian officials of wrongdoing, but this week, the U.S. shifted its position, reclassifying Griner as wrongfully detained. With these newfound efforts by the U.S. government, there is hope that Mercury’s super-star will be back home soon, but nothing is certain at this point.

Source: ESPN.com, NPR.org

Good Friends, Good Times

Contributing Writers




To: Jackson Loop

My trombone brother. I can’t thank you enough for everything. Love you man.

From: Samuel Boudreau


To: Softball Seniors

I love you guys! I can’t wait to see how successful you all become! Roll Scots!

From: Addie Tagg


To: Richie Pajak

Congratulations on frisbee regionals this weekend, what a great way to end the season! Carry your determination and passion into your future and you will achieve anything you put your mind to! Wooster won’t be the same without you.

From: Hope


To: Nikki Hoseus

I can’t wait to see what’s in store for you! I’m so proud of you and I know you will do great things!

From: Hope


To: Vas

To you, my large red headed friend, 

I wish you nothing but the best in your quest to understand the ear. You will be the best hearing aid fitter ever and I can’t wait to watch you accomplish all your goals. I’m not sure how I’ll go on living without you, but I guess I kinda have to. Until next time my love. 



To: The voice seniors, w/ special love to Aspen, Jlo, Bijeta, and Melita

So proud of you all for keeping the Voice afloat and maintaining the energy through another COVID year. Good luck to you all in your next steps, can’t wait to see what you do next.

From: Maggie <3


To: Mahi, Srushti, & Mohini (aka hot econ babes)

So so proud of you three for everything you have achieved at Wooster, and for taking care of each other along the way. You all bring so much joy to those around you and I can’t  wait to watch you all graduate & give you hugs!

Maggie <3


To: Katie Billadeux

Love you TK! Thank you for being amazing all the time!

To: Audrey Holder

Thanks for being my clarinet, anthro, and enviro studies buddy since the beginning! Being a part of the marching band Audrey-Kayla-Audrey sandwich with you was the best possible way to start my time at Wooster. Love you! You’re awesome!!

From: Kayla Stevens


To: Basliel Ababayehu and Aelon Ketema

Running into you guys makes my day so much brighter

From: Salem


To: Cecelia Bagnoli

Thank you for being an inspiration for me and getting me through this year. I admire you and can’t wait to see where life takes you! Your hard work will be rewarded! XXX


To: Molly Leach

Thanks for being so uplifting and bright. Your energy will be missed on campus!


To: Anabelle Andersen, Zoe Johnson, Erik Livingston, Zdena Sinkhorn, and Deena Williams

We would like to thank you for your hard work, conversation, words of wisdom, and the camaraderie we have shared these past few years in Special Collections!

From: The Underclasspeople of Special Collections

To: Melita Wiles

One of the best mentors and people I’ve ever met in my life. Melita has helped me through so much in my first year here and I can’t wait to see the person she becomes 🙂

From: Juli Fiori


To: Joe Henry

I love you Joeey boi. Ever since I saw you at that carrel, I knew I had to make my presence known again as your super duper secret admirer! You’ll be missed!

From: Colleen Marie Henry


To: Sponge

I really appreciate that we’ve gotten closer this year. Although I never could get you to submit to my section, you’ve been a great housemate, captain and friend. God speed in Michigan.

From: Fellow Reed Resident


To: Will McMicheal


From: Not McMike


To: Melita Wiles

I’m going to miss you so much! Thank you for being one of my best friends on campus! Such a real hottie!!!

From: Camron Love

To: Kayla Bertholf

Much has happened this year, and I won’t forget what you’ve done for me since the beginning. It has truly been an honor to write and run beside you. The future is there, it’s for yours to take Captain and Science Editor.

From: The New Captain


To: Captain Delong

I know you’re probably paying more attention to TFRRS right now than anything else, but I’m grateful for your leadership this year taking our team to new heights. If Grant and Joe were executioner and jury, you’re the Judge. Godspeed in Columbus.

From: Simp Cave Resident


To: President Harling

HARLOW, HARLOW, HARLOW, HARLOW. Work till the mornin’, work till the mornin’, work till the mornin’ Work till the mornin’, work till the mornin’

Work till the mornin’, work till the mornin’.

From: You already know


To: Max Snowden

Hey Doomer, even though you’re a zoomer, congrats for getting into Pitt so now you can be a bloomer, you can always call me so don’t be a loomer!

From: Little on Campus


To: Aspen Rush

Thank you so much for being a great friend, you’ve made such an impact on me and my time here. I can’t wait to see where life leads you.


To: Zoe Carter

Stay golden Zoe! You’re amazing!


To: Mei Carter

Hi Mei! You are super awesome and I’m going to miss you so much!!

Didn’t Attend the Spring Dance Concert? See What You Missed!

Haley Huett

A&E Editor




The College of Wooster’s Department of Theatre and Dance annual Spring Dance Concert concluded on Saturday, April 23. With the Dayton Contemporary Dance Company as a special guest, the show ran for three days at Wooster’s Freedlander Theatre. 

Directed by Emily Baird, a Professor of Theatre and Dance at the College, the concert featured 10 shows choreographed by students and one performance choreographed by Baird herself. Ranging from whimsical, to energetic, to intense and hard-hitting, the dancers participated in a number of dance styles covering various themes. Modern, contemporary and classical Chinese dance were used to convey topics of intersectional feminism, party culture, dance and disability, or the joy of reconnection. According to Baird, “[t]hough each dance looks and sounds different, each one is an exploration of the human experience.”

The dance concert highlighted the hard work of nine student choreographers: Gracie Shreve ’23, Nicole (Nikki) Preucil ’22, Morgan Carson ’23, Dantong Bi (Bee) ’23, Iván Mreïs Akiri ’22, Kate Yordy ’22, Sarah Brunot ’22, Katie Spence ’23 and Liv Mourning ’22. Their dances celebrated community and identity, commented on struggles with mental health, critiqued the pitfalls of party culture or portrayed historical events.  

Each performance was a beautiful, sensory experience. The use of lighting, costumes and music created a distinct mood for every performance and enhanced the audience’s participation in the acts. A swathe of light across the back of the stage glowed softly for more light-hearted pieces, such “III – The Empress,” choreographed by Shreve, but turned dark or flashed for heavier, more intense pieces, like “The Destructive Party Fouls,” choreographed by Carson, or “gone.” choreographed by Spence. “It was the best dance concert I’ve seen in my time at Wooster,” said Mariam Zghuladze ’22, a member of the audience, “all of the performances were so well done!”

From the audience, it was clear that enormous amounts of work went into the finished product, which included a piece presented in partial fulfillment of the senior Independent Study process. Choreographed by Mourning, the piece related experiences with injury with experiences in the dance world. A compelling and visually interesting piece, Mourning’s dancers captured the severity and stringency of the dance world, and how difficult it can be to keep up. Mourning’s study incorporated preventative physical therapy exercises as a method of diminishing the chance of injury for dancers during practice.  

While the show has closed, students should keep an eye out for more performances by the College’s Theatre and Dance Department in the coming semesters. While you’re waiting, make sure to congratulate the choreographers and performers for all their hard work — they’ve earned it!

Bite-Size Sports 4/29/22

Thomas Pitney

Sports Editor




Get The Broom: Celtics Sweep Nets

The Boston Celtics completed a sweep on the overhyped and star-studded Brooklyn Nets this week, disappointing New Yorkers and disproving (for now) the claim that Kevin Durant is the best active basketball player in the NBA. A sweep came to many as a surprise, especially in the wake of early predictions that projected the Nets to compete at the level of serious title contenders. The result of this series did not surprise Boston natives, who now patiently await their next opponent: the winner between the Chicago Bulls and the Milwaukee Bucks.


Deebo Samuel Requests Trade

Tyshun Raequan, more commonly referred to as Deebo Samuel, announced this week that he intends to sit out the 2022/23 season unless he is traded by his current team, the San Francisco 49ers. The exact cause of Samuel’s unhappiness in San Francisco is not completely clear at this point, but many speculate that his discomfort stems from either his lower-level paycheck or his physically demanding and injury-risking role in the 49ers’ offense. San Francisco seems to be willing to fight for their star wideout, as they have not granted Samuel his trade. If you’re reading this Deebo: maybe try kneeling.


Back-to-Back Titles for Manchester City?

Across the Atlantic, Manchester City remains at the top of the English Premier League despite the ill-wishes of Liverpool enthusiasts and broken Manchester United supporters. With just five games left in the top flight season, City needs to win out in order to ensure they are crowned champions of England for a second year in a row. Liverpool trail City by only one point and will certainly continue to pressure the current champions by continuing their 10-game unbeaten streak in all competitions.

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