Sports Editor Matt Yannie recently talked to womenís soccer forward Paige Piper í13.† Piper has burst onto the college soccer scene with four goals and two assists in just nine games.

Piper is the second leading scorer for the Scots this season.† She leads a strong group of 11 first-year players who have been significant contributors to the teamís historic 8-0-3 start to the season. Continue reading FRIDAY CONVERSATION

Students choreograph for Fall Dance Concert Concert provides an exploration of modern dance

Who are you?

Each fall, the Wooster Dance Company attempts to answer this question by presenting a concert in the modern dance style.† Professor of Theatre and Dance Kim Tritt states that modern dance is a reflection of ìhuman nature Ö that is representative of contemporary ideals and notions.”† It evolves and evokes the personalities of the choreographer and dancer.† It connects to the essence of identity. It answers the question, ìwho are you?” Continue reading Students choreograph for Fall Dance Concert Concert provides an exploration of modern dance

Effieís Players to present a long-running classic

It has been to every state in our country in over 11,103 productions in over 2,000 cities and towns. It has traveled from Carefree, Ariz. to Mouth of Wilson, Va. and visited the White House, the Ford Theatre and Yellowstone National Park. It has even crossed international borders. There have been over 700 productions staged in 67 nations. These include Canada, Germany, Australia, Scandinavia, Japan, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Czechoslovakia, Kabul, Afghanistan, Teheran and Iran. Recently, it has been to Dublin, Milan, Budapest, Zimbabwe, Bangkok and Beijing. This phenomenon? ìThe Fantasticks!” Continue reading Effieís Players to present a long-running classic

REVIEW: EXQUISITELY FOR ELLA Wooster community treated to a night of jazz

As 7:30 p.m. approached I was hurrying into McGaw Chapel with friends. Alumni, students, and community members were all anticipating this concert, the main event of homecoming weekendís Friday night. A last-minute first-year was acquiring his forgotten baritone. Several members of the Cleveland Jazz Orchestra were warming up with the Wooster Symphony. I spotted Paul Ferguson, a trombonist who had a concert with the jazz ensemble last fall, and he commiserated with me over his free jazz exploration titled ìFlesh,” which takes its theme from a Bach chorale. McGaw filled quickly. The Wooster community is always ready to acknowledge and appreciate Jeff Lindbergís newest musical offering, and Friday was no exception. Continue reading REVIEW: EXQUISITELY FOR ELLA Wooster community treated to a night of jazz

Former Poet Laureate inspires

I grabbed a cookie outside of Kauke 237 and found a seat two chairs over from the ex-Poet Laureate of The United States of America. I leaned to my left trying to inconspicuously eavesdrop on what she was saying to Professor Tom Prendergast. ìÖ Iíve learned to appreciate the cold. I lived in Arizona and I started feel a bit depressed. I got tired of the same old Ö sunshine.” Continue reading Former Poet Laureate inspires

Krstof is wise but dodges the question

Iíll admit it ó while attending Nicholas Kristofís speech last week in McGaw, I was moved. The fact that a man of his success cared so much for other people, to me, seemed rare. It was clear that he has the very best intentions and legitimately believes that he is helping people through purchasing for them their ìfreedom,” building them schools resembling those in the West.

He is a skilled and brilliant man, that is certainly apparent. However, for the second time that day, I watched as a student asked him whether or not he considered himself to be a feminist. As he fumbled through ìums” and ìuhhs,” for the second time that day, Nicky Kristof, a talented journalist and a fine man, expressed rather clumsily that he was reluctant to claim his allegiance with the feminist movement because it had ìfailed.” Continue reading Krstof is wise but dodges the question

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