Meal plan uncertainties addressed

Wooster students have acquired some substantial food for thought this semester as the College puts into practice a variety of alterations to the meal plan for fall 2008 and beyond

“Student input was critical to make the creation of meal plan choices a priority for our administration,” said Director of Hospitality Services Chuck Wagers, citing specific requests from Wooster students on the subject in recent years. Continue reading Meal plan uncertainties addressed

Remodel of Babcock necessitates adjustment

During the course of this school year, the campus will witness the realization of a plan long in the making: the renovation of Babcock Hall.

Last fall, the wheels of the renovation process were set in motion when the Offices of Student Affairs, Residence Life and Facilities presented a joint renovation proposal to the Funding Allocation Committee (FAC), which subsequently approved it. Continue reading Remodel of Babcock necessitates adjustment

Wooster Activities Crew Provides Parties, Laughter, and More

When musicians and comedians come to the college, or when you attend the hugely popular Party on the Green (POTG) every fall, you might not think about how a small school books such gigs. These events are just a few things brought to us by the Wooster Activities Crew (WAC), run by students with the help of two faculty advisors. Continue reading Wooster Activities Crew Provides Parties, Laughter, and More

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