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To the Editors:

I am writing in response to the article ìWe deserve more than a tool shed,” published Sept. 4.

In my three years at The College of Wooster, I have lived in the Annex, Bissma, and Wagner. What I have found is that almost anyone will tell you that, in reality, the physical condition of the building has minimal impact on the overall quality of life. As a former Annexer (í07-í08), as we like to call ourselves, I crack jokes about its dilapidated appearance frequently. However, the community built inside those peeling walls was as good as any underclassman could hope for. Continue reading To the Editors:

Try Renting Textbooks

In the past week, most of us have traded in over 60 hours of work at your summer minimum wage job for a stack of reading material that we might not even end up reading.† There is, however, a solution to this problem.

I personally spent a full 40- hour work week vacuuming leaves from the bottom of a pool, scrubbing tile and sitting in 80 degree heat to pay for my semesterís worth of books. You may have waited tables for a long Friday night for your geology book. Or, maybe you lifted heavy bags of mulch for your landscaping job day after day to pay for your chemistry texts. There has to be a better way to do this, right? Continue reading Try Renting Textbooks

Revamp Financial Aid

Financial Aid is an important program that allows students who would not normally be able to afford upwards of $40,000 per year for education to attend the College, and prevents Woosterís student body from becoming homogenous in their life experiences. From talking to fellow students, I have realized that Wooster does fairly well distributing financial aid throughout its student body, creating an affordable education for its students no matter their monetary condition. Despite this, a few of the policies of the Financial Aid Program here at Wooster are questionable.

Continue reading Revamp Financial Aid

New School Website just needs some getting used to

Change is good. The College’s new Web site is even better.

I distinctly remember when Wooster’s revamped site was first launched. People could not handle it. Everyone was running around acting like the desk chairs had been pulled from underneath them. Links were in the wrong place, the graphics were too campy and took longer to load, meal plan info was too hard to find, etc.

Continue reading New School Website just needs some getting used to

Point Counterpoint: should the Annex remain closed?

We deserve more than a tool shed

Morgan Schweighoefer

As a first-year veteran of the Annex, I was quite delighted to hear that this year no students are forced to live there. I can clearly remember getting my dorm assignment, and then looking up the image on the Wooster website, only to see the castle-like Holden Hall and be convinced that I was living in that lovely building.

Wrong. The day we moved in, my parents and I pulled up to a dingy, crumbling, defaced building that I would be calling home for the year. Between the cockroaches (yes, there were cockroaches) and the crumbling walls, I found myself dreading to retire to my own room, the place I was supposed to be able to call home. Continue reading Point Counterpoint: should the Annex remain closed?

Be prepared for the H1N1 (swine flu)

The last time I covered the flu pandemic for The Wooster Voice, I created a small uproar within the campus community. Donít panic! Wash your hands, get your flu shots and donít share drinks. Chances are, even if you do contract swine flu, youíll survive.

But swine flu continues to be an important issue, not only for North America, but also for the global community. Most people in developing countries face a host of issues that are complicated by pandemic swine flu. Lack of basic sanitation combined with pre-existing health concerns make conditions ripe for massive health disaster. Continue reading Be prepared for the H1N1 (swine flu)