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To the Editors:

Recently I attended a Lobby Day in Columbus on the behalf of Planned Parenthood of Northeast Ohio to discuss the Ohio Prevention First Act with my state legislators. The day was very successful and informative, and I was proud to voice the need for this landmark legislation for Ohio women. The act encompasses a number of important subjects, including providing comprehensive sex education curriculum in Ohio schools to better prepare teens to reduce unintended pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases, to equalize access to contraception by pharmacies and insurance companies, and to ensure access to emergency contraception for sexual assault survivors in Ohio’s emergency rooms (The CARE Act). I would like to focus on this last aspect of the act, due to the misinformation many people receive about emergency contraception.

Emergency contraception is not the abortion pill. It will not terminate or affect an existing pregnancy. Emergency contraception, also known as Plan B or the Morning After Pill, is a concentrated dose of regular birth control and is used to prevent a pregnancy from occurring. It will prevent an egg from being fertilized, but will not destroy an already fertilized egg. Emergency contraception can be effective for up to 72 hours, so the sooner the pill is taken the more effective it is in preventing an unintended pregnancy. Ohio Prevention First is working to get emergency contraception information and access placed in Ohio emergency rooms for the victims of rape. A woman who just survived this violent attack should not be victimized all over again by either not receiving the medication she needs to prevent a pregnancy, or by having to drive to a pharmacy to pick up the drug. Ohio’s Emergency rooms should show compassion for these survivors and provide them with the safe and effective option.

Lobby Day was a very exciting experience for me to participate in as a college student. I realized that I could make a difference for Ohio women by voicing the need to my representatives for this legislation and the benefits it will provide to the states’ women and families to my representatives.


Amy Sondles

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