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Technology is scary but necessary

Whether or not you have a firm opinion on the topic, technology is indisputably taking over our world. Unless youíre Amish itís everywhere we go. If youíre taking a hike donít you at least bring along your cell phone, if not a GPS and an iPod as well? Whether or not you think so, you too are probably contributing to this in some way or another. And yet, so many people still fight ferociously against the inevitable, saying that we need to return to simpler ways. Continue reading Technology is scary but necessary

Lowry food: what am I missing?

The first week of school, after all the upperclassmen had returned, the line to get into Lowry Dining Hall extended far into the mailroom. I gave up and went to Momís Truck Stop instead.† Kittredge Hall, a smaller cafeteria that also had smaller lines, sounded great, but I have never eaten there. I am a freshman, and Kittredge closed last year so the College could save money. Continue reading Lowry food: what am I missing?

Protest the war, not the soldiers

ìThe military donít [sic] start wars.† Politicians start wars,” the American general William Westmoreland once said. And he is absolutely correct.

In the wars of recent years, including both the Vietnam conflict and the War on Terror in Iraq and Afghanistan, there have been numerous protests and demonstrations. Groups of people line up along streets or outside government buildings holding their signs and chanting little ditties; the majority of them are† young students who feel the need to protest the ugly thing that is war. Continue reading Protest the war, not the soldiers

Water should always be free at Momís

I love Momís Truck Stop.† I love it so much Iíve burned through 89 flex dollars in less than three weeks. However, their new policy on water is ridiculous.

Most restaurants will give you a glass of ice water for free, especially when you are already ordering food.† Here in the United States, itís a standard practice.† But downstairs at Lowry you either buy a bottle or you go thirsty.† And sometimes you donít even have that choice. Continue reading Water should always be free at Momís

Theft at Momís adds up

As you wait in the endless line at Momís for your daily cup of coffee, something shiny catches your eye. You look to your left and see a variety of snacks staring at you from the shelves. You think about how a big bag of cheddar Chex Mix would taste and before you know it, your hand is reaching out and grabbing it. You walk away from the long line, ditching your much anticipated coffee, and head for the nearest exit. Whether you know it or not, you have just committed an act of theft. Continue reading Theft at Momís adds up