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Drinking age is 21 for a reason

The serious consequences of alcohol abuse, especially among college students, have been widely documented.† Did you know that almost 700,000 American students in 2005 between the ages of 18 and 24 were victims of abuse by a fellow student who was intoxicated, and 97,000 students were victims of alcohol-related sexual assault or rape? So yes, drinking can lead to problems. Continue reading Drinking age is 21 for a reason

Notice the angel statue

There’s one particularly beautiful moment near the end of J.R.R. Tolkienís The Two Towers where Frodo, Sam, and Gollum come upon a crumbling, defaced statue of a king where none has ruled for countless years. Itís fallen head on the ground beside has now sprouted small white flowers around the brow, causing Frodo to exclaim, ìLook! The king has got a crown again!” For a second the scene is illuminated in the setting sun before succumbing to the darkness that pervades the final stages of Tolkienís epic. Continue reading Notice the angel statue

Program houses deserve sprucing up and students can do it

Program houses are one of my favorite things about the College. Since I was fortunate enough to be placed in Westminster Cottage as a first-year, I have managed to live in a program house for my entire tenure here at Wooster (save one summer in Bissman which still haunts me at night). I think it speaks a lot about Wooster that we use our off-campus houses as a reward for students who do service, rather than as status symbols for national fraternities and sororities or as luxury options for wealthy students. Continue reading Program houses deserve sprucing up and students can do it

Our View

Itís the end of the fifth week of classes and everyone has settled into the groove of the college lifestyle by now. Youíre spending countless hours in the library, getting very little done. Youíve probably left your door open to visit with friends down the hall. You canít even tell who the first-years are in Lowry anymore because they finally leave their backpacks at the table instead of toting them around.

You have been lured into a false sense of security. Sure, the only non-college students that would dream of eating in Lowry are prospective students and their parents ó no real threat there. You need a working C.O.W. Card ó or a friend ó to gain access to Lowry, dormitories and even academic buildings after 4 p.m. We are so comfortable with the safety and friendliness of this campus that sometimes we forget about the big, bad real world just beyond the campus boundaries. Continue reading Our View