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Facing the real world at last

The word ìgraduation” often cues bittersweet feelings in seniors during these last few weeks of school. Empathizing while listening to friends verbalize their variety of intense emotions has been easy enough to do over the past three years; but experiencing the end of college firsthand has unexpectedly inspired a similar reaction in me ó one that is sudden, affecting and entirely foreign.

As the calendar snuck up to the end of April, my mindset alternated between denial, potent nostalgia, anxious anticipation, the rehashing of regrets, general acceptance and most often blind terror. Continue reading Facing the real world at last

Senior Independent Study should encompass multiple academic disciplines

As my time here at Wooster draws to a close, I have had some time to reflect upon the senior Independent Study process.

In theory, one of the best parts about I.S. is that it allows you to draw upon everything youíve ever learned, regardless of subject area, and apply it to whatever you want.

Such a synthesis of knowledge and understanding is the ultimate learning experience. Continue reading Senior Independent Study should encompass multiple academic disciplines

Trouble and the Voice: better in a crowd

When I was a first-year living in a program house with the FYLLP program, my housemates and I decided to throw a party. In true first-year fashion, it involved a stack of paper Lowry ketchup cups, two handles of Colonial Club pilfered from some juniorís party a week before and someoneís iTunes blasting the Beatles.

It had just started to acquire the edge of what might have been a devastating party when the knock came on our door. Right in the middle of Lennon singing ìI Donít Want to Spoil the Party,” our resident assistant did just that ó caught seven of us in the incriminating taking-a-shot position and, incidentally, one taking off his pants. (It was a good party.) Continue reading Trouble and the Voice: better in a crowd

Donít ever settle for ëgood enoughí

I recently had the opportunity to meet James Stewart, Pulitzer-Prize winning columnist for The Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg professor of business journalism at the Columbia School of Journalism.

Acknowledging Americaís current economic crisis, Stewart offered advice to anyone interested in pursuing a career in journalism ó a profession that, as time passes, seems to be dying faster than the Wooster Democratic Socialistsí faith in Barack Obama. Continue reading Donít ever settle for ëgood enoughí

To The Editor:

I would like to personally let you know how much I appreciate all the articles on the upcoming election. Since it is in fact, such an important election, this kind of coverage is most certainly necessary. I’ve found all of your articles very interesting, especially the ones regarding Sarah Palin.

As an American woman, it’s such an unfortunate and quite frankly, an insulting nomination and it is crucial to alert the public just what kind of woman she is. Against sex education, birth control, environmental protection, alternative energy development, gun control, and the separation of church and state, Sarah Palin is clearly a destructive choice as the potential Vice President of America. Continue reading To The Editor:

Lecture on Russia was one-sided

The title was highly misleading. “Intrigues in the Caucasus: the Georgian-Russian Conflict” was billed as an academic “lecture/discussion” and proved not at all academic and entirely propagandistic. I left the event, which took place last Thurs-day, Sept. 11, feeling disturbed and shaken, as if Vlad-imir Putin and Dmitry Medvedev had personally come to Wooster and smacked me across the face. Continue reading Lecture on Russia was one-sided