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New School Website just needs some getting used to

Change is good. The College’s new Web site is even better.

I distinctly remember when Wooster’s revamped site was first launched. People could not handle it. Everyone was running around acting like the desk chairs had been pulled from underneath them. Links were in the wrong place, the graphics were too campy and took longer to load, meal plan info was too hard to find, etc.

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Point Counterpoint: should the Annex remain closed?

We deserve more than a tool shed

Morgan Schweighoefer

As a first-year veteran of the Annex, I was quite delighted to hear that this year no students are forced to live there. I can clearly remember getting my dorm assignment, and then looking up the image on the Wooster website, only to see the castle-like Holden Hall and be convinced that I was living in that lovely building.

Wrong. The day we moved in, my parents and I pulled up to a dingy, crumbling, defaced building that I would be calling home for the year. Between the cockroaches (yes, there were cockroaches) and the crumbling walls, I found myself dreading to retire to my own room, the place I was supposed to be able to call home. Continue reading Point Counterpoint: should the Annex remain closed?

Be prepared for the H1N1 (swine flu)

The last time I covered the flu pandemic for The Wooster Voice, I created a small uproar within the campus community. Donít panic! Wash your hands, get your flu shots and donít share drinks. Chances are, even if you do contract swine flu, youíll survive.

But swine flu continues to be an important issue, not only for North America, but also for the global community. Most people in developing countries face a host of issues that are complicated by pandemic swine flu. Lack of basic sanitation combined with pre-existing health concerns make conditions ripe for massive health disaster. Continue reading Be prepared for the H1N1 (swine flu)

Bissman walls improperly handled

Wooster has always maintained that its academic purpose is to foster an environment where discussion is encouraged and dissenting opinions are valued. To put these principles into action, the administration has consistently prided itself on valuing student input and taking these judgments into consideration before making decisions. In turn, students have appreciated an administration that is willing to listen to their ideas. This academic setting promotes mutual respect between the students and the administration. However, when the Office of Residence Life made a decision to paint over the Greek artwork on the walls of Bissman Hall this summer, the staff fell well short of its collaborative mission. Continue reading Bissman walls improperly handled

Turf intensifies play

I think I can speak on behalf of our field hockey program when I say that we absolutely love playing on the new turf. The game is quicker and the atmosphere from the stadium increases the intensity in our play. It allows our game to become faster and better prepares us for teams that normally have the advantage of playing on turf fields. This field gives us an opportunity to experience turf and still be able to play on our grass field, Cindy Barr Memorial Field.

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To the Editors:

Health care should remain a capitalist business.† No matter who pays for it, health care is a service.† You donít get something for nothing ó there are exceptions, but health care is not ó and should not be ó one of them.† The only exceptions are services that the Constitution instructs the government to provide and that individuals cannot provide for themselves: a postal system, maintenance of roads, national defense, etc.† Nowhere in the Constitution is there a right to free health care.† The fact that many struggle to pay their medical bills is concerning, but irrelevant to the idea that it is a right.† Many struggle to pay for their homes ó does everyone now have the right to a free house? Continue reading To the Editors: