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Krstof is wise but dodges the question

Iíll admit it ó while attending Nicholas Kristofís speech last week in McGaw, I was moved. The fact that a man of his success cared so much for other people, to me, seemed rare. It was clear that he has the very best intentions and legitimately believes that he is helping people through purchasing for them their ìfreedom,” building them schools resembling those in the West.

He is a skilled and brilliant man, that is certainly apparent. However, for the second time that day, I watched as a student asked him whether or not he considered himself to be a feminist. As he fumbled through ìums” and ìuhhs,” for the second time that day, Nicky Kristof, a talented journalist and a fine man, expressed rather clumsily that he was reluctant to claim his allegiance with the feminist movement because it had ìfailed.” Continue reading Krstof is wise but dodges the question

G-20 protests effective in long run

Before the G-20 summit this past week in Pittsburgh, President Barack Obama made clear that any affinity he might have had previously for mass protests was now gone. In an interview with the Toledo Blade, he regarded anticipated protests in Pittsburgh to be aimed at ìabstractions” such as global capitalism that were separate from ìconcrete, local, immediate issues that have an impact on peopleís lives.” Continue reading G-20 protests effective in long run

To the Editors:

As the Beall Avenue Streetscape project through the College nears its end, I hope students will change their habits and cross only in the new brick-paved crosswalks.

For a very long time, students have crossed the street wherever they wanted to. While construction has been going on, few cars have been using the street and students have gotten even more into the habit of crossing anywhere. Now that the project through the campus is nearly over, automobile traffic is starting to pick up again. Old habits need to be updated. Continue reading To the Editors:

To the Editors:

I write in response to Alexander Lansís opinion published in last weekís edition of The Wooster Voice.

First, I applaud his concern and find that we agree on several of the substantive points.† While it may not be surprising given the historical grounding of our college and our nation, the observance of religious holidays is decidedly Christian-centric.† Lans and I would, I believe, agree that these norms are in conflict with an espoused set of values that would have us recognize that faith traditions are essential dimensions of culture; if we value the multiculturalism of our campus community, we should respect the many faith traditions of our members. Continue reading To the Editors:

Observe all holidays

I forgive you President Cornwell, please ask for my forgiveness. I would like to wish everyone a blessed year in 5770. 5770? Yes, for those of you who do not know last weekend was the Jewish New Year, Rosh Hashanah. This holiday is one of the two most important holidays in the Jewish religion.

The next, Yom Kippur, known as the Day of Atonement, will occur this Sunday. We, as Jews, use these 10 days in between to ask for forgiveness. Forgiveness from G-d for the sins that we have committed which wrong G-d and forgiveness from our neighbors for sins we have committed against them. Continue reading Observe all holidays

Take advantage of your four years

When I was a first-year, I always thought editorials like this one were clichÈd and unnecessary. But given that I completely ignored them and now wish that I didnít, I may as well give it a go.

As I approached senior year, there is one statement I remember saying over and over: ìIíll give that a try when I have some more time.” This was applicable to all sorts of things: going out to more parties, taking on another job for the resumÈ, trying a new intramural sport and the like. In some cases, I was fascinated enough to make time. But in many cases, I was tempted, but overall decided to put it off until a later date that was never determined. Continue reading Take advantage of your four years