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Vegetarian hypocrisy

Recently, I came across two friends comparing their gloves. One of them was convinced that his were better because they were made out of leather. He happened to be a vegetarian.

Killing animals is inhumane. As a vegetarian myself, I believe that we refrain from eating meat solely because the process of attaining edible meat involves the killing of animals. The broader concept underlying secular vegetarianism is that killing animals is inhumane and we will not support it by being a part of the process. However, there are some important considerations that must be made before we can distinguish ourselves from the ruthless animal-killing humans. Continue reading Vegetarian hypocrisy

New COW card miss the mark

While I was packing to come back to Wooster after spending the fall semester abroad, I was overjoyed to find my COW card in a box from the previous semester. It would be the first time I would be returning to Wooster without having to buy a new one! Aces! However, my excitement was suppressed when I received the email notifying me that we would in fact be receiving new cards upon arrival. Although I was bummed about my change of fortune, I figured the new COW cards might be a good way to start a new decade. Continue reading New COW card miss the mark

Momís Truck Stop puts junk in the trunk

The freshman 15 is something that everyone dreads going into college.† You hear from every physician that the key to living a healthy life is diet and exercise. The exercise conditions are far from ideal on this campus ó including our hole-in-the-wall gym, which will be undergoing renovations in the near future. One thing that will not be getting renovated however is the menu at Momís. Continue reading Momís Truck Stop puts junk in the trunk

Destruction of Wall disappoints

Every Saturday night walking around campus, I see lampposts flicker as people give them a good whack. Every Sunday morning, I see overturned trash containers and broken blue security lights. Usually, I take this in stride, perhaps throwing away a can I come across. However, this Sunday afternoon, when I saw the destruction of the Berlin Wall exhibit, I decided that enough was enough. Continue reading Destruction of Wall disappoints