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Obama disappoints

This past Wednesday, Jan. 20, marked the one-year anniversary of Barack Obamaís inauguration as President.† Therefore, an evaluation of his presidency seems fitting.† I must issue the disclaimer that this particular evaluation will be biased.

Obamaís conduct over the past year has revealed a liberal ideology of lofty ideas with no reality-based way to achieve them. We have also seen a system of priorities that places his own holy image above all else, followed by the success of the Democratic Party, then the opinion of European elites, then that of other foreign elites, and then the United States. Continue reading Obama disappoints

Todayís war demands new theory

Though Just War Theory began as a philosophical discipline in the time of St. Augustine, its validity has transcended its ancient origins and has found prominence in the ethics of modern warfare. The counter-terror war initiated by the United States of America in Oct. 2001 was a military response to the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001. This new type of war provides Just War Theory with a new and interesting moral question regarding the ethics of war. Continue reading Todayís war demands new theory

New Year finally brings new leaf

All my life, it’s been drilled into me that Christmas is the season of giving. It started as a child, with Christmas books that presented a beautiful story of love and togetherness, and ended happily ever after. The problem is that this “happily ever after” often coincided with the main character sitting in a pile of presents, or receiving the one toy he or she really wanted. From the very beginning it was as much about what you got as what you gave. Continue reading New Year finally brings new leaf

Lowry Dining Hall needs change

Often times I get so frustrated after standing in line at the Basics station for 10 minutes that Iíve wanted to kick the person in front of me. Luckily, Iím one of many other students who are also irked that Lowry dining hall is packed like sardines during the noon lunch rush.† Some have to forage for a single seat once they accomplish the adventure up the stairs. While I discourage any kicking or slapping in the cafeteria, something needs to be done to solve this situation. Continue reading Lowry Dining Hall needs change