Letter to the Editors

Dear Editors,

In response to Ryan Neff’s assessment of President Obama’s State of the Union message, I can only shake my head. Obama loves to talk and make many promises. He promised C-SPAN would cover the Health Care reform debate, which it did not. Every American will be impacted dramatically by Obamacare. One example: If you add 30 million patients and zero doctors, what will waiting rooms look like? How much face time will you get with your doctor? Doctors will first look at Obamacare guidelines, then determine what kind of care you receive. So much for what they learn in medical school.

Obama has a “command and control” agenda and his outreach to Republicans will reflect his desire to win re-election, not his desire to expand individual freedom. From regulating the cars we drive, the food we eat, the light bulbs we buy, we see our freedoms sliced away all in the name of false and fraudulent claims of global warming.

If electric cars are desired, if wind mills are the preferred energy for consumption, then let the collapsing state of California show us the way. We do not need 50 states doing exactly the same thing at taxpayer expense with no examples demonstrating success.

One simple example of the problems of electric cars is that cold weather destroys the charge thereby making driving impractical if not impossible. They have been known to catch on fire more easily, too. Further, Obama’s push for high-speed rail is a failure. Look at France and see how union-run public transporation brings the country to a halt because of a nation-wide strike. This is control. Automobiles represent freedom.

I reject much of what President Obama stands for because his message, while pleasant, relies more on government solutions ó at the expense of our freedom ó than on free market ingenuity. Few people on college campuses, particularly at The College of Wooster, seem to embrace liberty over the soft tyranny from Washington.


Mike Crowe

Houston, Texas

Class of ’87

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