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Annex closed this year

The Holden Annex ó dilapidated residence hall or the quintessential Wooster experience?† Can it be both?† Ryan Radtke í10, a Senior and former Resident Assistant. of the hall seems to think so.† In his experience, it was mutual misery that brought not only the students of the first-year hall, but also the R.A.s closer than any other housing on campus.† ìItís a shame itís closed” Radtke claims, ìbut the reasons are understandable.” Continue reading Annex closed this year

Chaos ensues at first UG party

The opening dance party of the Underground suffered ìuncharacteristically disorderly conduct” from the students, said Julia Zimmer, assistant director of student activities. Several students were injured, including Undeground Manager Elizabeth Birchfield í11, whose rib was broken.

ìWe were prepared for the first week back, but we were not prepared for how many people showed up and how they acted,” said Birchfield. ìWe were shocked that they couldnít handle simple kindergarten rules like staying in line. It was like herding cattle.” Continue reading Chaos ensues at first UG party

Wooster alum has directorial debut

Wooster alumnus Duncan Jones, ë95, has recently entered the limelight with the release of his critically acclaimed feature legnth, ìMoon.” Earlier this week Jones was gracious enough to take time out of his busy schedule to reconnect with Wooster students, and participated in a phone interview with The Voice. Below is a transcript of the interview, which offers encouraging insight into how the Wooster experience can impact oneís future in positive and unexpected ways.
Continue reading Wooster alum has directorial debut

Greek artwork painted over in Bissman Hall

Visitors to Bissman Hall may notice a startling change to the doors and lounges inside the building. This summer, WooCorps employees painted the interior of the dormitory white, covering sorority and fraternity crests and letters painted on the walls of the buildingís lounges.

Residents of Bissman Hallís Greek community expressed their shock and disbelief over the decision. Treasurer of Inter-Greek Council and Alumni Coordinator and Service Chair of Xi Chi Psi Fraternity Roger Klein í11 stated that he was ìshocked,” and President of Pi Kappa Sorority Hilary Maich í10 said it was ìreally sad to come back to white” instead of her sororityís colors and crest. Continue reading Greek artwork painted over in Bissman Hall