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Student lends help to Kenyan cause

I have always been aware of the fact that Kenya has a high unemployment rate, and how this unemployment can easily lead to people finding themselves in desperate situations despite their credentials. But much of my understanding was still somewhat abstract until I became involved in a program called the LifeWorks Partnership Trust and got to talk to people whose lives have been negatively impacted by living-wage employment. Continue reading Student lends help to Kenyan cause

Campus organizations prepare for the polls

As November’s presidential election draws nearer, members of political parties become more fervent in their efforts to influence the minds of those going to the polls. Many such political activists are students here on campus.

Included in the key groups within this realm of influence are the College Democrats and Students for Barack Obama on the liberal side, and College Republicans on the more conservative side of the political spectrum. Continue reading Campus organizations prepare for the polls

Elephant and donkey throw down

Roosevelt versus Hoover. Kennedy versus Nixon. Bush versus Gore. Few presidential races in American history inspire the same kind of radically different images and ideals as the current election.

Sen. John McCain, a white 72-year-old former Navy pilot and war veteran visually and personally has very different characteristics to offer than 46-year-old black Harvard graduate and former community organizer, Sen. Barack Obama. Continue reading Elephant and donkey throw down

Sexuality support group founded by grad takes off

The College of Wooster already boasts help resources like the Learning Center, Information Technology and the Safety and Security Office. This fall, however, a new group will be providing an entirely different kind of support for Wooster students: a network of their peers who have volunteered to help others struggling with issues of sexuality. Continue reading Sexuality support group founded by grad takes off

Young scholars flourish

This summer, 19 first-year students were given the opportunity to test the waters of college life with a new program at The College of Wooster.

Emerging College Scholars is an initiative spearheaded by the Dean of Students and Faculty to bring new students from diverse social and cultural backgrounds onto the campus early and allow them to experience what it is like to live, learn, work and even socialize at Wooster. Continue reading Young scholars flourish