Scot Center scheduled to open on Jan. 16

Scot Center scheduled to open on Jan. 16

$30 million center to feature 200m track, new workout equipment and four courts

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As of Tuesday, Dec. 6, everything is on schedule for the construction of The Scot Center, the College’s $30 million project. Wooster has jumped on the trend of erecting large athletic centers, which has ranged from large universities such as the University of Pennsylvania, who opened a $26.7 million center in August 2010 and small Ohio-Five colleges like Kenyon College, which opened its prized 263,000 square foot athletic center in 2006.

Nathaniel Whitfield, the Assistant Director of Physical Education, Athletics, and Recreation Facilities and Operations, has suggested that the Scot Center is ready for the Dec. 16 occupancy certification date, which determines the center’s ability to function in case of fire and other disasters.

The facility features many gold accents, creating a color scheme that closely mirrors the school’s logo. Other color additions mimic those in Kauke Hall. The gym floor is not made out of hardwood, making the four intramural courts slightly different than expected. Instead, the multi-purposed material, which was used in the Bird’s Nest Stadium at t

he Beijing Olympics, allows for different sports, such as basketball, volleyball and tennis, to take place in the gym simultaneously. The men’s and women’s tennis teams have already scheduled several indoor meets for next semester. There will also be a 200-meter track, which is standard for most other fieldhouses.

The exercise room will feature a plethora of Cybex workout machines, including ellipticals, bench presses, weights, two rowing machines

and 16 treadmills.All of the cardio machines are equipped with personal television screens, USB ports and charging stations for iPods.

There are also Wooster W’s on all the workout machines. Cybex, the exercise machine company that Wooster contracted, is run by Joan Carter, member of the College’s Board of Trustees, which led to a reduced cost of the machines. The old workout room will be revamped and equipped with new black-and-gold dumbbells, as well as other free-weight

lifting machines.

A dance studio will also be underneath the floor of the main gym. It will have a floating wooden floor, as well as a removable sound-proof dividing wall that allows for the space to be split into two separate rooms. The wall will also feature opaque glass, allowing for users to see outside, but outsiders will not be able to look in. This is also consistent with weight-room layout — officials have been brought in to help set up machines for maximum efficiency for those who prefer exercising away from wandering eyes.

In order to preserve the quality flooring of the Scot Center, students will be asked to bring a second pair of shoes upon entering. “It is in the best interest of the students, faculty, staff, and emeriti to bring a second pair of shoes to the Scot Center when coming for recreation and to work out, as they will not be permitted on the recreation floor or in the fitness center without wearing a clean pair of shoes.  Street shoes will not be permitted,” Whitfield said.

The outlook remains positive from construction’s point of view: Whitfield stated, “With all hands on deck and everyone knowing their role, I do not foresee anything holding us up.”


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