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Browns and Lions lead the pack in the 2011 Draft

Winner 1. Cleveland Browns

Many Cleveland fans may have had looks of confusion and fear on their faces when they first saw that the Browns traded away their number six pick. However, there can be little doubt that the Browns got away with a steal in the† 2011 National Football League draft. Trading away the number six pick this year for five picks was a very impressive and gutsy move. In addition, defensive tackle Phil Taylor should have an immediate impact on the Browns’ defensive line. Continue reading Browns and Lions lead the pack in the 2011 Draft

Adele’s poignant vocals carry great break-up album

No artist’s sound makes me feel quite like Adele’s soulful voice. Lady Gaga may make me want to dance and Taylor Swift can always get me to belt about a guy, but there is something much deeper and passionate about Adele’s songs. Her sophomore album, “21,” dropped in late February to rave reviews from many critics. While it was hardly a surprise after her successful debut album, “19,” Adele delivered another powerful set of high quality music. Continue reading Adele’s poignant vocals carry great break-up album

Look forward to life after Wooster

After graduating from high school, I remember hearing many of my older family friends and relatives telling me to “live it up in college” because these were supposed to be the best years of my life.† I’m pretty sure we’ve all heard this, and as soon as I told anyone that I was about to start college in the fall, they would automatically begin reminiscing about some crazy story that happened to them in college, usually without me asking them. It seemed that college was going to be where my life began and ended, but after struggling with this for the entire year, I am sure that this is not where my life will end.† Yes, graduation is terrifying, and it will separate us from many of our friends, but it also opens up so many different opportunities and we should all be excited about that. Continue reading Look forward to life after Wooster