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Confronting Our Identities

Every time I step into an art gallery, I feel a desperate urge to find the energy and meaning of the work displayed by an artist. Yes, the artist’s didactic helps explain the concept of what the artist had in mind when building the exhibition. But truly superior art exhibitions have a distinct layout that delivers their content in an engaging setup and allows spectators to freely roam about the gallery. Continue reading Confronting Our Identities

“Enemy of the nation” killed in firefight

by Ramsey Kincannon, Staff Writer

America experienced a historical moment late Sunday nights when Al Queda leader Osama Bin Laden was shot and killed by U.S. forces in Abbatabad, Pakistan. The announcement took place eight years after George W. Bush declared that the American mission in Iraq and Afghanistan was “accomplished,” and almost 10 years after the attacks on Sept. 11 took the lives of 2,572 people. Continue reading “Enemy of the nation” killed in firefight

Alumnus invention to change nature of Internet chatting

by Emily Ryan, Managing Editor

A Wooster alumnus is at the forefront of the creation of a new video conferencing website that promises to change the nature of online social networking.

Jack Briggs ’08, who works as the site manager for Woo Media, Inc., pitched the idea for MonsterChat, which allows for up to 24 people to simultaneously participate in any one of numerous video chat rooms, to the company several months ago. While Briggs’s initial idea called for 30-person chat rooms, the site’s developers decided the number was not feasible and aimed instead for 24 (which still represented a daunting task).† After a short development period, MonsterChat was launched at the beginning of April, and now boasts over 100,000 users. The site is accessible through both Facebook and Twitter accounts. Continue reading Alumnus invention to change nature of Internet chatting