by Gina Christo, News Editor

It has come to Campus Council’s attention that harassment on Beall Avenue has increased during this academic year. The issue was brought to the light by Antwan Chambers ’14, the Black Students Association representative on the council. Chambers discussed two incidents he experienced personally, along with the experience of a friend.

Chambers was showing a prospective student around campus last week when one of the incidents occurred. He was in the middle of explaining to the prospective students that racial slurs sometimes occur on Beall Avenue when a man in a truck drove by, yelling the kind of profanity Chambers had just outlined. In the meeting, Chambers also told the story of Deja Moss ’14, who had been harassed so many times on Beall Avenue she considered giving up her Posse scholarship and transferring schools.

Steven Glick, police chief for the City of Wooster, explained that since he was a student at the College there have always been issues between local residents and students. What concerns Glick is the new underlying theme of racial profiling in the harassment and the frequency of the attacks. There is no explanation for this disturbing trend, Glick has stated that he will make it a priority when he joins the College staff next year as the new Director of Security and Protective Services. Campus Council has also created a Beall Avenue committee, which will be headed by Chambers and is open to all students who are concerned about the Beall Avenue harassment.