Bringing Music Back to Wooster

Haley Huett

A&E Editor


March 14, 2020, was the end of many things. It brought a six-month-long hiatus from school, the end of in-person programming, and a massive departure from the campus experience that students had anticipated. The College’s arts and music scenes were no different. Many groups had to shift their operations to abide by COVID-19 restrictions and relearn what it means to perform or share music, including the College’s radio station Woo9. 

This year, Woo91’s general managers, Annie Cohen ’22 and Margaret Jagger ’22, anticipate a return to the radio station’s former glory. 

Woo91 is a student-run radio station where DJs can broadcast over iHeartRadio. The station has programs for every listener: talk shows, music programs, sportscasting. They also host house shows and DJ events. Students can find a variety of genres ready for listening across the station’s platforms, Cohen says, “metal, musicals, indie/alternative, and classic rock to name just a few.” 

During the pandemic, with many DJs studying remotely and the school’s restrictions on in-person gatherings, the station began streaming over Mixcloud and featured an automated music collection over iHeartRadio. The previously in-person station, located in the basement of Lowry, remained closed for the year, as Woo91 found new ways to host events. Through streaming virtual music parties, the station found a way to provide, “a unique and fun experience the station might not have explored otherwise,” according to Jagger. 

Now, Co-General Managers Cohen and Jagger are hoping for the return of other Woo91 events outside of broadcasting. In the past, the station has organized house shows, collaborated with The Goliard, and provided music for campus events. With COVID restrictions being lifted, the College’s radio station is returning to its normal state of operations. 

Woo91’s first big step towards returning to normal came with Party on the Green this past weekend. There, Musical Director Erik Livingston ’22 MC’d the event, queueing up songs and getting students ready for the performances. 

DJ trainings are beginning soon for Woo91 in its new location in the Luce Hall basement and the station is planning on returning to live-streaming on its iHeartRadio platform. 

What makes Woo91 so special, Cohen says, is “getting to share my favorite songs with a wide audience,” and, “the community of DJs.” Emma Staggs ’24, a student-DJ, adds, “I love being able to share something I’m passionate about with people who care what I’m talking about.” 

If you would like to be involved in Woo9,  you can contact or one of the co-General Managers, Annie Cohen ( or Margaret Jagger ( 

If you just want to listen, the station can be streamed on iHeartRadio by searching “Woo91.” Currently, the station is working on an option for DJs to simultaneously stream on iHeartRadio and MixCloud to provide students with more listening options. To find Woo91’s station on MixCloud, search for woo91COW. 

Club and organization leaders, be sure to contact the station if you need a DJ for your events!

March 14, 2020 may have been the day that music died on Wooster’s campus, but Woo91 is bringing it back to life.