Billie Eilish has been my most shocking discovery of 2018-2019: a 17-year-old girl with so much vocal talent that’s  mesmerizing, but creativity that is a bit concerning. Billie just released her debut album “WHEN WE ALL FALL ASLEEP, WHERE DO WE GO?” and it truly captures her darkest demons, but also her ability to steal the heart of your significant other. 

The album begins with a tribute to the person we know is no good for us. In “bad guy,” Billie describes the perfect bad guy for her, but then transitions into how she is indeed the bad guy we should all fear. I personally jam to this when I’m getting ready to walk out of myself and secretly when I need to feel like a bad guy myself. 

We then encounter “xanny,” a song depicting Billie’s confusion as to why the prescription drug Xanax is being used recreationally by so many of her peers. Her voice takes on an innocence that makes her age understandable, but this song also calls out the millennial generation that has frequently followed suit of many public figures who experiment with drugs such as Xanax or Percocet or really any major pain pill that sounds cool. 

Alright, let’s fast forward past “wish you were gay” because if someone doesn’t like you … let’s not blame it on wishing they had a different sexual preference; come on Billie, it’s 2019. 

Next, we have my personal favorite sad song, “when the party is over”; this is perfect for all my Saturday people who go to bed alone after partying all night. Ain’t no shame in the game! Billie and you both know that it’s okay to go home alone when the party is over. Then we head to my all-time favorite bop, “my strange addiction.” I think Billie just knew that this was going to be a hit because now I’m addicted to the song (how ironic). 

Then the album takes a dark twist with “bury a friend.” While I love the song, I’m a little worried about my girl. 

So, I have this theory that while we all know that Billie’s lyrics insinuate her being mentally unstable, she speaks to some of the darker parts of us, and it’s kind of comforting to find someone as vividly dark as Billie. This trend continues with Billie’s song “listen before i go,” which took me by surprise. The ballad element of the song makes it sound like the most beautiful love song, but in actuality it’s a suicide note to her loved ones. I guess in a sense, Billie is writing a love letter, but that’s for her to know and for us to listen. 

Music can bring comfort to those in a way the human mind and heart cannot truly explain. So, if you need a good cry, to dance around or to simply have the darker parts of your soul sung to, give Billie Eilish a listen. 

Korri Palmer, a Contributing Writer for the Voice, can be reached for comment at