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SPS is not our nanny

SPS is not our nanny

Adriana Hoak

As many have already pointed out, security is already more than a little uptight this year. So here’s a question: What is wrong with all the hallmates who call security on Friday and Saturday nights before 2:30 a.m.? I understand 3 a.m. during the weekend before finals. I fully admit to being one of the jerks who called on a kid in my hall after I pounded on his door six times to warn him I was calling security if he didn’t turn his music down, but at least I tried to let him know.

People, you’re in college now. If someone in your hall has their music blasting and friends over on a Friday or Saturday night, consider doing the same thing. Blast your own music, get the party started, and maybe the two rooms will become a joint shindig. I understand this is not a solution for everyone. I’m an athlete and I have meets on Saturday mornings. Can I always throw down on Friday nights? No. Will I tell people in my hallway who are being belligerent and obnoxious to shut it? Hell yeah!

Really though, do not just call security on people who live with you because you’re a “scaredy cat” and are afraid of confrontation. You will be putting your hallmates at risk should certain naughty things be going down. Man up, use those cajones God gave you, and approach the kid that’s keeping you from getting some shuteye.   Chances are, that same kid is going to comply. I came to Wooster for the nice people. We’re all good kids who want to keep our communities and our environments safe. The same thing goes with watching each other’s backs with regards to the administration. We need to enhance that communal feeling within our living situations, as to feel comfortable approaching any issue with any person.

If you’re not a party animal, go to the movies with friends, eat at Mom’s before the rush starts, study in one of the academic buildings (many of which are open to declared majors), or play a board game in your lounge. Interacting with others is very important, and what other time in your life are all your friends going to live within a block from you?

Enjoy your time in college, before you’re 35 and wondering where the time went. Don’t fail out of school, but realize the Wooster experience isn’t just academic. It’s about making friends, developing leadership skills, and having experiences you wouldn’t get otherwise. Have fun, stay focused, and don’t upset your hallmates.


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