Thank You Letter to Our Staff & Faculty

Will McMichael

Contributing Writer


This year has been surprising for all of us. I think it’s pretty reasonable to say that everyone would enjoy it if things could go back to normal. Things have changed quite a bit in the past year and it’s been a new endeavor for all of us to adjust to these conditions. Despite the disturbance to what had once been, the staff here at Wooster have done an exceptional job at accommodating us while trying to keep us safe. I know that the students here expect a lot from the staff and faculty — it’s a frequent occurrence to hear complaints in the paper or in people’s bickering — and I think we students often overlook how hard the staff and faculty try to make us comfortable here. 

To the Lowry staff serving our meals, the janitors cleaning up our messes, the professors ensuring we aren’t too overwhelmed, the administration, security, APEX and the long list of people working behind the scenes: thank you for making our experience at Wooster possible. This year isn’t what anyone would’ve hoped for, and it’s been no easier on the staff and faculty than it has been for us. It’s not always in the forefront of our minds that the people we see working every day at the College have lives of their own, families to take care of and struggles that we never see. Regardless of these issues, the workers here continually support us even if that’s through something as simple as a smile and a kind hello, or as complex as ensuring that our education is strong and can support our future careers. Even though we students may not always realize how much we appreciate these things, I think we all truly do. So for all the things each College of Wooster worker does to ensure that this school can keep running and that the students are well, I want to thank you.