Rewarding his efforts, Sage Nenyue recieves award and scholarship for promotion of a LGBT friendly environment

Rewarding his efforts

Sage Nenyue recieves award and scholarship for promotion of a LGBT friendly environment

Adriana Hoak

Staff Writer

Sage Nenyue continues to works to make strides with the Wooster LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer) community.

Last week Sage Nenyue ’12 received the Plummer Scholarship Award. He was nominated by an alumni committee, which chose him based on his involvement in campus activities and activism within the LGBTQ community. The money for the scholarship is fundraised by alumus Hans Johnson, who sponsors the alumni association “Going Through.” The scholarship is given to an individual at the college who makes Wooster a more welcoming environment for everyone.

“I helped make the LGBTQ community more visible on campus,” Nenyue said.

Nenyue has a blog called “Bromo Say What?!” where he writes about campus happenings which are pertinent to the LGBTQ community. He began blogging after declaring a communications major, which taught him how to reach people through mass media.

Nenyue was involved in the LGBTQ community in high school and continued his involvement at The College of Wooster.

“I was looking for a support group, and LGBTQ really became that group for me. Allies and Queers was just too different. I was vice president of the group for two years, but the group and I didn’t see eye to eye on what the campus needed,” Nenyue said.

Nenyue then talked to the administration and LGBTQ students about what they thought was necessary for a more positive environment.

“We need to understand that LGBTQ people are people just like everyone else and that their sexuality is just a part of them. The most important thing is finding what their needs are and developing ways to meet them,” Nenyue said.

The blog “Bromo Say What?!” is his main way of reaching out to the College of Wooster community. The title of the blog is from joking with his friend Ryan Thomas ’13, where they combined the words “bro” and “homo.” The blog contains satirical insight and humor into gay male culture. You can find it at


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