Project Pericles

Project Pericles

Ian Benson

Features Editor

On Saturday, Oct. 22. Project Pericles held an event for Center for Diversity and Global Engagement in Babcock Hall. Wooster was one of 29 colleges and universities that had been selected to become members of the project.

The event started with an opening remark from President Grant Cornwell where he read from the college’s mission statement to emphasize how Project Pericles reflects the goals the college has for its students.

Project Pericles is a non-profit organization geared toward the idea that social responsibility and the participatory citizenship are essential to the undergraduate experience and curriculum.  The event was held on campus with the purpose of promoting said ideals.

The event lasted from 10 a.m.-4 p.m. and featured students and faculty from Earlham College as well as the greater Wooster community, in addition to Wooster faculty and students. The goal of the event was to help participants identify and formulate new strategies for bringing about change on relevant issues or causes.

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