Douglass Hall proves to be most efficient in dorm energy competition

For Earth Week, Greenhouse organized an energy competition between the dorms on campus measuring per capita electricity use. The student-run club put up posters in Lowry and sent out emails to the student body through the Dean of Students with eco-tips such as turning off electronic devices and lights when not in use and unplugging cell phone chargers when the phone is not being charged. This project was one out of many to help transition The College of Wooster to become a more sustainable campus. Douglass Hall was the most energy-efficient dorm. In Douglass, 26.39 kwh/person (kilowatts per hour per person) were used during Earth Week. Second, third and fourth places were all close. Andrews Hall placed second with 37.24 kwh/person. The third most efficient dorm was the Holden Annex for using 38.22 kwh/person. Honorable mention went to Wagner Hall, which came in fourth place with 39.07 kwh/person. Fifth place went to Holden Hall with 40.42 kwh/person.


1. Douglass: 26.39 kwh/person

2. Andrews: 37.24 kwh/person

3. Holden Annex: 38.22 kwh/person

4. Wagner: 39.07 kwh/person

5. Holden Hall: 40.42 kwh/person

6. Bissman: 46.15 kwh/person

7. Compton: 46.82 kwh/person

8. Kenarden Lodge: 51.97 kwh/person

9. Armington: 52.05 kwh/person

10. Bornhuetter: 52.84 kwh/person

11. Stevenson: 65.56 kwh/person

12. Luce Hall: 78.86 kwh/person

13. Gault Manor: 86.47 kwh/person