To the Editors:

As the Beall Avenue Streetscape project through the College nears its end, I hope students will change their habits and cross only in the new brick-paved crosswalks.

For a very long time, students have crossed the street wherever they wanted to. While construction has been going on, few cars have been using the street and students have gotten even more into the habit of crossing anywhere. Now that the project through the campus is nearly over, automobile traffic is starting to pick up again. Old habits need to be updated.

Whatís different now is that there are paved brick crosswalks every few feet along the street and signs telling drivers to yield to pedestrians in the crosswalks. Thatís new. For years, drivers have cursed students who stepped out in front of them unexpectedly. If drivers now have to stop for students both in the crosswalks and everywhere in between, tempers are going to rise. Some driver may not stop, and some student may be hit. Even if that doesnít happen, town anger toward the College may increase, leading to greater harassment of students.

For the new system to work, everyone ó whether student or driver ó needs to cooperate. Mutual respect and courtesy can make Beall Avenue a safe place to cross and to drive on. Please do your part and urge your friends to do theirs. Cross only in the crosswalks.


Damon Hickey

Emeritus Director of Libraries