To the Editors:

I am writing in response to the article ìWe deserve more than a tool shed,” published Sept. 4.

In my three years at The College of Wooster, I have lived in the Annex, Bissma, and Wagner. What I have found is that almost anyone will tell you that, in reality, the physical condition of the building has minimal impact on the overall quality of life. As a former Annexer (í07-í08), as we like to call ourselves, I crack jokes about its dilapidated appearance frequently. However, the community built inside those peeling walls was as good as any underclassman could hope for.

Interestingly, there is no shortage of Resident Assistants who desire to live in the Annex ó to the contrary, before it was announced that the Annex would be closing, there were more RAs who put the Annex as their number one choice than there were assignments in the Annex. Why? Because RAs know that every year, the residents of the Annex become an inseparable community, which is fun for both RAs and residents. How many times have you seen a ìViva la Lounge” shirt (í08-í09) around? Or a ìYou know youíre an Annexer” shirt (í07-í08)? More than any other dormsí shirt, even though the Annex sports fewer than 50 residents.

I can assure you 90 percent of the residents of the Annex were not ìdreading to retire” to our rooms, and that 90 percent of residents were proud to call the Annex home. None of us actually saw cockroaches (though they exist in the castle-like Holden hall the author refers to) and had no fear of collapse during storms. Additionally, Iím not quite sure what adhesives the writer was using to mount her posters, but I certainly never had any problems with inches of plaster crumbing.

Suffer? Yeah right. We wouldnít have it any other way.

Year after year, the Annex builds a strong, lasting community that provides an excellent transition to college life. So what if the physical condition of the building is lacking? (The Annex does have the new wooden furniture, and the bathrooms and carpet are as nice or nicer than most other dorms.) I believe I speak for almost every former Holden Annex resident when I say: ìLong Live the Annex!”

-††††††††† Roger Klein, í11