Letter to the Editor: 9/14/2012

Dear The Wooster Voice,

In an attempt to remove a nagging thought from my mind, I have decided to write a viewpoint about last week’s article by R. Taylor Grow. I do not know this person and am sure that “An unacceptable stereotype” was well intentioned, however the “argument” is ages old, irrelevant and quite simply has been made too many times. Yes, Damien from “Mean Girls” and Cameron from “Modern Family” are inaccurate representations of gay characters. Congratulations for repeating a now age-old-point, I’m pretty sure the general populous of this school as well as country know that gay males are not always rotund and flamboyant (considering the amount of times a similar argument has been stuffed down peoples’ throats). However, there are too many stereotypes and illegitimate opinions about people of the queer community to focus on two representations of gay males that were seemingly intended for humorous purposes. So, let’s lighten up and laugh in this present time when there is no politically correct way to speak about a single person without categorizing them or speak about a group of people without being accused of creating stereotypes or misrepresentations.

— Maria Janasz ’14