Third annual sophomore retreat coming up

Every fall, sophomores are invited to participate in a weekend-long retreat to the beautiful Mohican Resort in Perrysville, Ohio. The upcoming annual retreat on Sept. 13-14 will be the third of its kind. Students are welcome to bring instruments to play during a campfire that also features s’mores.

The retreat is designed to empower students with practical thinking about choosing a major, what else to do at school and how to plan for the future. These students will also learn how to take full advantage of college resources in order to meet their goals. Mark Graham, professor of Religious Studies, will give this year’s speech, “Mapping Yourself in the World”.

Former attendee Matthew Hague ’10 says, “It was a great place for students to put their concerns out there and have them addressed.” The sophomores and professors also brainstorm ideas to improve the campus. Last year’s group is responsible for Lowry and Kittredge providing takeout containers.

Students get to interact with each other as well as with staff and faculty in an off-campus setting. Director of Security Joe Kirk and President Cornwall are also present at the Sophomore Retreat. Each year more and more students are taking advantage of this opportunity. Hopefully the Sophomore Retreat will continue to progress into one of those unique Wooster experiences that students are able to cherish forever.