Wooster Activities Crew Provides Parties, Laughter, and More

When musicians and comedians come to the college, or when you attend the hugely popular Party on the Green (POTG) every fall, you might not think about how a small school books such gigs. These events are just a few things brought to us by the Wooster Activities Crew (WAC), run by students with the help of two faculty advisors.

For those who don’t know, POTG is an annual concert held on the quad, and the only outdoor event where the school has beer available for purchase by anyone over 21.

According to the Wooster Traditions web page, “[this major fall celebration eclipses] even Homecoming in its significance.” Past headlining acts for the Party include Da Shop Boyz (2007), Naughty By Nature (2001) and Blessid Union of Souls (2000).

This year, WAC director of music Caitlin Quinn ’09 has booked RJD2, a Columbus DJ who recently released his third album, and Boston neo-soul band Eli “Paperboy” Reed and the True Loves. Overall, seniors interviewed seem more excited to see RJD2 than any other POTG act they’ve experienced.

WAC also brings us the Woo Movies channel, the best place on TV to waste away your afternoons. Channel 21 continues to bring great commercial-free movies to Wooster televisions this year, with current features including The Bucket List, 21, and Drillbit Taylor. A full list of the movies and viewing schedule can be found on WAC’s Web site. (www.wooster.edu/wac)

WAC also organizes trips, such as to Cedar Point this October; puts together Homecoming, which will double as an alum event; and gets small bands featured at Mom’s Truck Stop, complete with complementary coffee and cookies to create a coffeehouse setting.

This year WAC’s president is Ashley Blackwell ’09, with Billy Miller ’10 and Dan Miraldi ’09 as vice presidents. Caitlin Quinn ’09 feels that “this year [they] have a really enthusiastic crew, with lots of new members.”

With such a capable crew running things, we can expect only the best from WAC this year. See you at Party on the Green!