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The many failures of the electoral process

It has been almost two years since the presidential race began its marathon of campaigning and the race is finally coming into the sprinting phase of the election.

The race has taken many twists and turns and surprises, such as the Democratic ticket in fierce contention between the first African-American (although he is actually biracial) and the first woman. The race also took a surprising turn when Sen. John McCain selected Gov. Sarah Palin as the Republican vice president. The pick was surprising for many reasons. First and foremost, she is a woman on the Republican ticket. The second surprise in the decision was that I had never heard about her and, because I follow the race very closely, I thought I had at least a list of four potential candidates of which one had to have been chosen. But maybe the most horrifying surprise was that Palin is the least experienced and least knowledgeable person on the most important issues of the presidency: foreign policy and the national economy. Continue reading The many failures of the electoral process

Our View

While dancing along with the rest of The College of Wooster campus last week at the annual Party on the Green, there was one thing we could not help noticing: there was a smile on the faces of everyone who was in attendance. It was raining. It was muddy. It was a blast. Both RJD2 and Eli “Paperboy” Reed were phenomenal, both playing with passion and energy that resonated out onto the crowd with fervor. Continue reading Our View

Apple’s updates are selling status, not products

I hate Apple. There, I said it.

Even though I am a long-time consumer of Apple products, lately I have become fed up with their insane obsolescence rate. You see, the people at Apple do not make “products,” they manufacture tokens of status.

These status-markers, if you will, allow people to show off their coolness to others, impressing everyone with how much capacity a piece of electronics the size of a thumbnail or palm has, the sleekness of it, and the killer applications it may contain. Continue reading Apple’s updates are selling status, not products