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Our View

Itís the end of the fifth week of classes and everyone has settled into the groove of the college lifestyle by now. Youíre spending countless hours in the library, getting very little done. Youíve probably left your door open to visit with friends down the hall. You canít even tell who the first-years are in Lowry anymore because they finally leave their backpacks at the table instead of toting them around.

You have been lured into a false sense of security. Sure, the only non-college students that would dream of eating in Lowry are prospective students and their parents ó no real threat there. You need a working C.O.W. Card ó or a friend ó to gain access to Lowry, dormitories and even academic buildings after 4 p.m. We are so comfortable with the safety and friendliness of this campus that sometimes we forget about the big, bad real world just beyond the campus boundaries. Continue reading Our View


If you have ever had sex, thought about having sex or want to have sex, this applies to you. And therefore, each one of you needs to know about the risks of sexually transmitted infections (STIs). There are eight common types of STIí ó these include chlamydia, genital warts (HPV), gonorrhea, hepatitis B, herpes, HIV/AIDS, syphilis and trichomoniasis. It is important to be aware of the dangers these can cause to your personal and sexual health. The easiest way to protect yourself from contracting one of these STIís is to simply not have sex, but letís be real about this, thatís not going to happen, so I hope to offer you an alternative to abstinence. Continue reading REMEMBER: SAFE SEX IS GREAT SEX


Politicians often place themselves in an ivory tower.† Even though they are supposed to represent the common people of their nation, they fall short of making a true connection.† It is the little quirky intricacies and common mistakes that bring the politicians down to our level.† But sometimes they do things that leave you thinking, ìWhat the hell?”

Last week Representative Joe Wilson made a faux pas that left this question lingering in most peopleís minds.† His outburst in Congress to President Obamaís speech on healthcare has put his name in the headlines along with what the media has coined as his new catch phrase: ìYou lie!”† This South Carolinian Republican apologized to the President immediately after the event, but now refuses to make a formal apology to Congress.† The Democrats are not tolerating his stubbornness.† They are demanding that he give an apology on the House floor this week.† Wilson, however, is still resisting, saying that he does not need to apologize again. Continue reading REFOCUS ON THE REAL ISSUES

Technology is scary but necessary

Whether or not you have a firm opinion on the topic, technology is indisputably taking over our world. Unless youíre Amish itís everywhere we go. If youíre taking a hike donít you at least bring along your cell phone, if not a GPS and an iPod as well? Whether or not you think so, you too are probably contributing to this in some way or another. And yet, so many people still fight ferociously against the inevitable, saying that we need to return to simpler ways. Continue reading Technology is scary but necessary

Lowry food: what am I missing?

The first week of school, after all the upperclassmen had returned, the line to get into Lowry Dining Hall extended far into the mailroom. I gave up and went to Momís Truck Stop instead.† Kittredge Hall, a smaller cafeteria that also had smaller lines, sounded great, but I have never eaten there. I am a freshman, and Kittredge closed last year so the College could save money. Continue reading Lowry food: what am I missing?