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Our View

While reading for class one day, it hit me: every single book I had read for classes this year has involved some sort of extreme brutality ó neglect, child and domestic abuse, rape. As I pondered the implications of my various readings I began to realize that these explicit actions are everywhere ó television, the Internet, books and even conversation. Continue reading Our View

Where were you when the lights came on?

If youíre like the majority of Woosterís student body, family and friends, you were down at John P. Papp stadium ó smashed in the bleachers, hovering outside the fenced area or crowded together and blocking the exits ó to watch our first-ever night football game. The energy was tangible, and even when the opponents pulled ahead you could hear student-inspired chants and cheering. Continue reading Where were you when the lights came on?

Our View

Itís the end of the fifth week of classes and everyone has settled into the groove of the college lifestyle by now. Youíre spending countless hours in the library, getting very little done. Youíve probably left your door open to visit with friends down the hall. You canít even tell who the first-years are in Lowry anymore because they finally leave their backpacks at the table instead of toting them around.

You have been lured into a false sense of security. Sure, the only non-college students that would dream of eating in Lowry are prospective students and their parents ó no real threat there. You need a working C.O.W. Card ó or a friend ó to gain access to Lowry, dormitories and even academic buildings after 4 p.m. We are so comfortable with the safety and friendliness of this campus that sometimes we forget about the big, bad real world just beyond the campus boundaries. Continue reading Our View

Our View

While dancing along with the rest of The College of Wooster campus last week at the annual Party on the Green, there was one thing we could not help noticing: there was a smile on the faces of everyone who was in attendance. It was raining. It was muddy. It was a blast. Both RJD2 and Eli “Paperboy” Reed were phenomenal, both playing with passion and energy that resonated out onto the crowd with fervor. Continue reading Our View