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Our View

In the past week, Egypt’s government has ordered Internet service providers to disconnect Egyptians to the Internet, preventing a wider spread of coverage of protests calling for the end of President Mubarak’s 30-year reign. Cell phone service has also been shut down, with the TV news network Al-Jazeera blocked from public broadcasting. With many telecommunication tools rendered useless, protesters and activists can now only take their message of change and reform to the streets. Continue reading Our View


Dear readers,

We are glad to inform you that The Wooster Voice has laid to rest its former layout program, QuarkXPress, and upgraded to InDesign, the latest technology in newspaper and magazine layout that will allow the Voice staff to provide a better quality paper.† Members of the Voice staff worked with the Office of Information Technology over the summer to acquire this new software that will set the Voice on par with other publications that have been using InDesign for years. Continue reading OUR VIEW

Our View on Lowry and C-Store

While the expanded hours of Momís since 2008 had been a welcome addition to students who were still hungry well past midnight, there were adverse effects as well. Too many students came in drunk, disorderly and disrespectful on Friday and Saturday nights, and customers often pocketed food from the convenience store. This contributed to long lines, which frustrated both customers and staff. In response, Campus Dining Services came up with a solution that has helped all parties. For this, they should be commended. Continue reading Our View on Lowry and C-Store

The true economics of smoking

I have reason to believe that society as a whole detests smokers based on fallacious economic reasoning. In the words of a friend: ìI donít want my tax money to be allocated towards cleaning the lungs of some obese smoker.” This is the typical standpoint of nonsmokers against smokers. Bean-counting accountants will blithely agree with that logic and blindly support raising taxes on tobacco products; however, an economist has reason to disagree on multiple grounds. Continue reading The true economics of smoking