Our View

Itís the end of the fifth week of classes and everyone has settled into the groove of the college lifestyle by now. Youíre spending countless hours in the library, getting very little done. Youíve probably left your door open to visit with friends down the hall. You canít even tell who the first-years are in Lowry anymore because they finally leave their backpacks at the table instead of toting them around.

You have been lured into a false sense of security. Sure, the only non-college students that would dream of eating in Lowry are prospective students and their parents ó no real threat there. You need a working C.O.W. Card ó or a friend ó to gain access to Lowry, dormitories and even academic buildings after 4 p.m. We are so comfortable with the safety and friendliness of this campus that sometimes we forget about the big, bad real world just beyond the campus boundaries.

Backpacks have been stolen from the library, riffled through and dumped outside when no valuables are found. Cell phones disappear from pockets, iPods go missing from desks, non-campus members have walked into a dorm and walked out with a brand new hi-definition flat screen TV, even a digital camera or two has been swiped from studentsí rooms.

We arenít accusing everyone of being thieves, just a friendly little reminder to play it safely. If you donít have a card swipe door, lock it. Especially if youíre going to be in class all morning and stuck in a three hour lab after lunch. Lock valuables in your IS carrel when you go to the bathroom or use the printer. Not a senior and donít have a carrel? No one is going to laugh at you for taking your book bag into the bathroom with you at the library. Or, if you choose to study with a friend, have them keep an eye on your valuables for you. An ounce of precaution saves you the† hassle of dealing with campus security, Wooster police, explaining to your professor why your paper is late and telling your parents you need a new laptop.

So be careful with anything of value ó fancy electronics arenít the only things that can go missing. Save yourself a lot of headaches by keeping your laptops, iPods, cell phones and even musical instruments with you, secure in your rooms or locked up in Scheide.