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Letter to the Editors

To the Members of The College of Wooster Campus:

The safety and security of this campus is what makes it feel like home and gives us a sense of security and protection: Security and Protective Services employees provide 24-hour assistance to us, the Wooster Police patrol the Wooster community, and the lighting around campus provide guidance at night. These lights provide a security of their own, whether they are the street and sidewalks lights or the blue lights that are above the security phones that are used in the case of an emergency. These are necessary pieces of security that most people take for granted, and in some cases are vandalized and stolen.

Some of the vandalism can be attributed to intoxicated students or rowdy members of the Wooster community; however most of the thefts and acts of vandalism go unaccounted for throughout the course of the year. Nevertheless, we, the members of Phi Sigma Alpha, must confess:

Over the past several years, former active members of our fraternity have been involved in the dismantling and theft of several of the blue lights that provide security for this campus. They were taken as trophies and handed down through our fraternity. Although none of the current actives were involved in the theft and dismantling, we are all accountable as an organization for what our members did. To the members of the campus that we may have put in jeopardy as well as every other member that could have been harmed at any time due to our negligence, we the members of the Phi Sigma Alpha Brotherhood would like to sincerely apologize. We hope that by admitting what our members have done and by lending our assistance to other organizations to repair and replace what we have taken, we can take action to create a stronger more unified campus.




Phi Sigma Alpha Fraternity

Ned Weakland, President

Keenan King, Vice President

Dana Obery, Treasurer




Dear Editors,

The world is governed by the aggressive use of force. Obviously, Dan Hanson’s editorial about deifying soliders shows that he has been terribly impacted by the 9/11 attack on America. To say that Americans have had problems with the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq is to ignore the events on 9/11, which Hanson does. When was the last time you watched the second plane fly into the World Trade Center? Continue reading LETTER TO THE EDITORS

Letter to the Editor:

Dear Editors of The Wooster Voice,

Congratulations to President Grant Cornwell and his dedicated team of staff, faculty and students on making the vision of sustainable energy a reality† at the College of Wooster!

Transforming the new Scot Center’s roof into a highly visible† solar array ó the largest on any Ohio college rooftop† ó makes Wooster† a national, clean energy beacon, as well as an academic star. Continue reading Letter to the Editor: