a response to Robin Klaus’ “Dorms are not dumps”


Letter to the Editor

Written as a response to Robin Klaus’ “Dorms are not dumps”

 in the Nov. 16 issue of the Voice.

Upon reading the “Dorms are not dumps” article, I took a moment to analyze what I just viewed. The humorous introduction was a situation students may encounter during their stay here. The other day, I almost slipped on the first floor of my residence hall, where I proceeded to observe a sizable volume of orange Sunny D spilt on the floor. I did not see this incident occur, just like the glitter incident, but I would assume that in my situation, the “culprit(s)” would recompense for their accident.

This leads me to my difference of Ms. Klaus’ article. In the second paragraph as quoted, “I heard the culprit complaining about a threat of charges about the mess.” The word I find questionable about that statement is “heard.” Nowhere in the article does the writer mention about confronting the “culprit.” Hearing anything is purely speculation; I can walk into Lowry and hear many conversations but I cannot hold validity to them unless I ask about what actually happened.

I do not disagree with how Ms. Klaus praises the custodial staff because frankly, they should receive greater thanks than are given. She is right in mentioning how they clean up after us and even though not all of us are from affluent households, we do not have the right to make the dormitories pigsties. There was a report sent out to residents of my dorm by the RD outlining cleaning violations that occurred. One of them happened to be in my hallway. Thankfully the person who committed this act took responsibility and was sorry for the accident.

All I would like to read is that Ms. Klaus received her information correctly and talked to the “culprit.” She may be surprised and find that the glitter incident was an accident. Journalism is all about the facts and if they are wrong, then who can we believe?

Colin Omilanowski ’16