Morgan Hunter

Contributing Writer

It’s truly one of the best times of the year: when winter starts to blow in and autumn withers into what is (hopefully) soon to be a snowy landscape. It may not be enjoyable to walk outside, but it is certainly a time to celebrate with your favorite heavy blankets and fuzzy socks! This time of year is always enjoyable for me, yet there is one key feature that rains on my parade, that bursts my bubble, that absolutely grinds my gears: those that refuse to bundle up.

Many will argue that some people are better equipped for the cold. People on this campus especially like to tote around that they originate from climates worse than ours. “It’s not even that cold” is a sentence that fills me with so much fiery anger that I would be able to single-handedly heat a small liberal arts college campus. 

I would like the record to show that I do not doubt your home suburbs in Coldlandia are indeed a lower temperature than the high in Wooster, Ohio, but we are all here for our critical thinking skills. So, I beg of you: please understand we are not currently present in your hometown. We are here, cold together, in our own relative way.

Another demographic that I will not allow to escape my criticisms are individuals who insist on wearing shorts year-round. Last time I checked, middle school ended a lifetime ago. I know I am not negating any boomer accusations by this opinion, but if it is cold enough for a swift breeze to send an arctic shiver down your spine, I do not want to see your knees. I understand college is breaking our spirits, but why deny yourself the simple pleasures of this world that come from a comfy hat and some warm mittens? Are these common joys a threat to your standoffish “holier-than-thou” demeanor?

In closing, I’m not asking for much. I urge you, though, if you are any of the above people, please sit down, find a mirror and ask yourself: is my dedication to being chilly worth it? Bundling up throughout the winter months makes this time of year when you can finally walk outside with an unzipped coat all worth it. I do recognize I can’t control anyone, so I finish by saying: go outside without a coat and feel superior all you want, I will always choose to be cozy!

Written by

Zach Perrier

Zach Perrier is a Viewpoints Editor for the Wooster Voice. He is from Mentor, Ohio and currently is a junior History major.