by Claire Allison McGuire

Do you know when to hold ’em? When to fold ’em? When to walk away? On Saturday, Jan. 27, Wooster Activities Crew (WAC) hosted a Casino Night open to all students on campus. Each floor of Lowry had its own unique theme, games and food. Up for grabs were various prizes, including a flatscreen television, record player, coffee machine and more. The more participants played and the more chips they won, the more they could cash in for tickets. For every $100 earned in chips, participants received a ticket which they could use for the prize raffle.

From blackjack to poker to roulette, the Alley and Lowry 202 held all the classic games one could possibly want. Each table had a line of people waiting for a turn to win it all. Dealers were none other than the staff members that keep Wooster running, such as Marjorie Shamp, director of campus dining, and John Reynolds, director of residence life. 

“Johnathon Reynolds should deal blackjack more often,” Ethan Hunt ’27 reflected on his time at the event. “But in all seriousness, it was great to see these people working in administration and behind the scenes at the College in a non-serious, fun and casual environment.” 

Even those uninterested in gambling could enjoy the free food and other activities. Each floor had a buffet-style meal arrangement, with a range of options including cauliflower wings, cheesecake bites, sandwiches and more. Lowry Dining Hall also offered sliders made especially for the event. 

The countless hours of hard work and dedication it took to set up this event were evident. “This year we decorated all three floors of Lowry based on different famous Vegas casinos,” explained EB Fluharty ’24, WAC’s director of marketing. 

The ground floor of Lowry was “Excalibur,” a medieval themed casino, equipped with games, a photo booth and even a magician. The first floor of Lowry was the lobby that never sleeps, based on the casino “New York, New York.” The floor had a lovely buffet, a coffee bar and the previously mentioned sliders from the dining hall. 

If you were looking for a more upscale casino experience, the second floor of Lowry had you covered. The “Bellagio” area offered another buffet, games and the prize raffle. Surrounded by floral decorations, students danced to the music of the live eight piece Jazz band, Blue Lunch.

On Saturday night, Lowry was packed full of students. Looking their best in suits and dresses, students were ready to play the night away. “I have been able to see this event grow bigger and bigger every year,” said Fluharty, who was a member of WAC during the first Casino Night in 2022. “This year we had almost 500 people check in…We’re so happy to see people come out and continue to enjoy the event!” 

The winners took home some special prizes, but as always, this event was not just one to kill some time; Casino Night was a way to meet other students, catch up with old friends and feel fully immersed in the community and life here at the College of Wooster. Even if you do not have the best poker face, you could still have a great night at this event. 

A successful Casino Night was a great start to WAC’s spring semester. Be sure to catch them at their next event, which will be a Craft Night on Friday, Feb. 9. For more information about upcoming events, follow @wacwooster on Instagram or keep an eye out for ads in the POT.