Wyn Caudle: I am working for the school’s ARCH program and then going on a TREK to Denmark, Netherlands, and Sweden.

Bri Becerra: I will be working as a Teaching Apprentice for Generation Teach in Denver. In this position, I will be teaching a summer school program for middle school students 5 days a week for about 2 months. This program is through AmeriCorps, and I will be living in downtown Denver for the duration of the summer. 

Gianna Hayes: I will be staying on campus participating in the T.R. Williams Chemistry Summer Scholars Program, doing research in organic chemistry under Dr. Bonvallet. The project is primarily concerned with synthesizing molecules for renewable solar energy conversion. I’ll be exploring Wooster parks and the farmers’ market in my downtime!

Ellen McAllister: I will be working at the Orrville Area Boys and Girls Club as camp counselor this summer before I start teaching full time in August. I will also get to spend my birthday in Alaska with my family! I can’t wait to spend time outside with our new puppy, a Portuguese Water Dog named Roberta May. 

Rae Harris: I will be working in the editorial department at October Research as a copy editor. In this position, I will be editing, synthesizing, and formatting copy for company publications. I will also be taking summer courses through the American Copy Editors Society to polish my skills! 

Gabriel McCreath: In the beginning of the summer, I will be conducting I.S. research at Holy Cross Monastery in West Park, NY. I am researching identity, purpose, environment, and practice in American Anglican monasticism. 

Izzie Corley: I will be spending one month leading computer science camps for kids and teens, teaching subjects like Roblox Studio and Python programming. When I’m not working, I will be doing a lot of sleeping and playing video games, and hopefully making and selling ceramic sculptures. 

Julia Garrison: I will be working as a media relations intern for the West Virginia Black Bears, a Major League Baseball Draft League team based in Morgantown, West Virginia. In this role, I’ll be responsible for all of the team’s home game recaps and writing press releases. This internship was completely funded with the Becky DeWine Scholarship Fund through the English department. 

Holly Shaum: I will be finishing I.S. over the summer while taking time to travel and relax before moving to New York in the fall.

Emilie Eustace: I will be working lots to save up for my move to Chicago this fall! 

Thomas Pitney: I will depart for Lesotho in September 2024 to begin my service as a Peace Corps Volunteer. In this position, I will aim to reduce HIV transmission rates among adolescents and ensure gender-equitable care. 

Zach Perrier: I will be doing archival work this summer for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame’s Library and Archives.

Emma Shinker: I will be moving back to Columbus, and am currently applying and interviewing for library jobs there.

Tyler Rak: I plan to work over the summer and start researching graduate school programs. In the fall I will hopefully be working as a Legislative Fellow for the Democratic Caucus in Columbus, or in another position somewhere in Ohio. 

Nemsie Gonzalez: I’m working under the APEX AMRE internship under Ryan Ozar and Dr. Krause to help strengthen the dental center of the Viola Startzman Clinic, one of Wooster’s local non-profits.

Written by

Gianna Hayes

Gianna Hayes is a News Editor for the Wooster Voice. They are from Newark, Ohio, and are a sophomore Chemistry and English double major.