Holly Shaum

Chief Copy Editor

As a native New Yorker and someone who has lived on the East Coast for the vast majority of their life, Ohio is just about the last place in the world I would have imagined myself to end up in for college. At first, I felt like I was wasting away in the wilderness, directionless and unable to see what I was working towards. With graduation right around the corner, I can confidently say that the bigger picture is now crystal clear, and I can attribute a lot of that to the lessons I’ve learned while figuring out how to survive in the Midwest. Here’s a synopsis of some of the discoveries I’ve made.

First, roadtripping is a skill and can also be a lot of fun. I’ve taken quite a few of them over the past three-and-a-half years. Before the beginning of each school year, I loaded up my trusty Subaru Forester and drove nine hours to campus. I used to not be able to make the entire drive in one day and stopped at a hotel in Pennsylvania for the night. Now, it’s a piece of cake! My newfound love for this mode of transportation has taken me to many destinations solo and with friends.

Second, it’s actually quite beautiful in this neck of the woods. Yes, the winters seem to drag out forever, but when warm weather sets in, the landscape is pretty spectacular. Forests, mountains, waterfalls and even fields of wheat have an element of beauty to them. I’ve grown to enjoy being surrounded by wide, open spaces.

Third, life is about appreciating the little things. Spending so much time in a small town on a tiny campus has made me value the people and things that make it function. This is truly a special place that all of us are fortunate to contribute to in our own unique ways. With that, I tip my hat to the town of Wooster, the state of Ohio and the Midwest region for getting me out of my comfort zone, broadening my horizons and setting me on a path to return home ready for whatever comes next. Thank you for showing a city girl a grand old time.

Written by

Zach Perrier

Zach Perrier is a Viewpoints Editor for the Wooster Voice. He is from Mentor, Ohio and currently is a junior History major.