“I’m angry that the planet is changing and nobody cares.”

“I just wish that more people would take action and be more aware of their impact.”

“I wish that more people would think critically about it.”

“I feel like it makes my generation feel hopeless.”

“I’m worried it requires a mobilization our generation isn’t ready for.”

“I’ve watched it be put on the back burner my whole life.”

“I wish it wasn’t all about cost effectiveness.”

“I’m worried.”

“I feel helpless.”

“I hope for a sustainable future.”

“I’m very concerned for my future.”

“I feel like it’s hurting my generation and we should be trying harder.”

“I think things can get better if we put in the work.”

“I wish people stopped pretending electric cars were the solution.”

“I wish people would act more.”

“I can start by changing my habits to help.”

“Everyone has a responsibility to keep the conversation going on campus: students, faculty and staff.”

“I feel like we’re starting to move in a better direction but there’s still a lot of work to be done.”

“In a way, I feel hopeful because it makes me want to figure out what steps I can take.”

“I feel that people don’t think enough about it, or aren’t educated about it.”

“I fear for the future of humanity.”

“I wish everyone cared about it.”

“I don’t think there’s a lot I can do by myself to make the big changes that we need.”

“I hope that there can be more real change as opposed to empty promises.”

“I wish that big corporations were taking more steps to prevent the crisis.”

“I hope we can get our shit together.”

“I’m worried about the amount of pollution.”

“I am concerned about the future of our planet, but I don’t know what I, as one individual, can do about it.”

“I hope something changes for the better in the future.”

“I’m not used to the cold so I fear I might freeze to death.”

“I don’t spend a lot of free time thinking about the climate crisis, I’m too stressed.”

“Generally, sad.”

“I’m sad that there’s going to be a point when I wake up in the next fifty years and there’ll be no snow.”

“Honestly, I don’t know.”

“I wish that there was less pollution in the ocean.”

“I wish that climate activism became more focused on disruption than on simply protesting.”