Reactions to the Impact of 9/11 Then and Now

Blakely Dishman, Features Editor

Savannah Sima, Features Editor



On Sept. 13, 2001 The Voice published campus responses to the tragedy that had occured two days prior. Features Editor Andrew Stimson ‘02 gave fellow students the opportunity to share their thoughts on the event. Stimson stated, “By now the horrific images of Tuesday, September 11, 2001 have raked us emotionally raw and left their indelible imprint upon our memories. As the sheer enormity of these acts of terror press upon our psyches to make their full weight felt, we struggle to find words that will express our outrage, grief and fear. But words can seem so small and empty when stacked against thousands of innocent people dead in one unimaginable instant and a once impervious superpower suddenly cognizant of its vulnerability.” 

The following is going to be a compilation of quotes from students during the two days following 9/11 and students today, 20 years later.



“I think it’s just the tip of the iceberg and people don’t really realize what could come of this.” -David Workman `04

“I am concerned about community reaction to this event, because there are a lot of people who are uninformed. I’m worried about hate crimes being directed to people of Middle Eastern descent. I’m worried about aggression being acted out against my family in the Cleveland area. And I will never feel as safe as I did before this happened.” – Meena Ghanziasgar ‘03

“I think that the illusion of a safe, free, isolated America has crumbled with the World Trade Center buildings. And I think from those ashes will arise a new America, a little more wary, a lot more wary of the world around us, but I think from now on we are really going to start paying attention to other countries and other organizations, especially terrorist organizations.” – Benjamin “Bean” Worley ’02

“It’s surreal. It’s like watching a movie. You can’t put it into words. This is the day that galvanizes our nation.” – Nick Stevens ’03



“Rhetoric surrounding 9/11 has been extremely prominent for most of us since birth and has shaped our politics in justifying tightening national security policies, and international armament generally. We grew up with the mindset that there were ‘bad guys’ to be fought because of 9/11, and we had to unlearn that picture collectively for a more nuanced one that understands how occupation, intervention and poor international political policies on the part of the U.S. breeds conflict.” -Savannah Sima `23

“I was two months old when it happened but it totally shaped my entire life.” – Lloyd Soards `24

“A terrible loss of life dwarfed only by the lasting chain of tragedies caused by a lashing out of warfare and xenophobia” – `23 Artemis Swanson

“To call it a terrible event would be an understatement – the loss of life is an awful undoing, a most horrendous hurt that could only be described by those who experience it. I cannot say I did, but I do empathize with all those affected, indirectly, directly and otherwise.” – `24 Malachi Mungoshi