The OSYX band sends shock waves: A WAC small concert

The OSYX during their performance at the Underground, their first stop on their first tour (Photo by Sarah Vandenbergen ’20).

Korri Palmer

Senior Staff Writer

After a long week of the weather being unpredictable in Wooster, I must admit I’ve had some fall/ winter blues come over me. I’m no professional, but through my time here I’ve found that the best way to remedy my blues is to dance to a good rock song. The ones with bass that slam you in your chest and has that one guitar solo that hits the spirit at the right time, just enough to make one feel like nothing else in the world matters except for that one song.T he Wooster Activities Crew (WAC) has a knack for bringing small concerts to the campus at just the right time, and the past weekend was no exception. They hosted The OSYX band in the Underground (UG), a local entertainment space on campus, on Friday night.

The show kicked off with the sweet tones of Karabella Hernandez’22, a student singer/songwriter/guitarist. She set the tone with two covers, including Adele’s “Daydreamer,” and closed out with her own original song.

The OSYX describes themselves as “five women [that] have come together, bringing their own unique strength, musicality and passion into one pro-womxn collective that create shimmering signs that feel like a prism turning on its side. The music is singularly original, largely raucous and at times silvery with melodic tensions and chemistries, harmonies and howls that make you want to join the pack.” After their Friday night performance at the UG, I can say that The OSYX created an electric atmosphere that all students, fans or first-timers, could enjoy.

During their set, they graced our ears with tunes from their debut album The OSYX which featured songs like “Dog Fight,” “Scavengers” and “Six Feet Under.” The most special moment of their performance was when they asked to take a selfie with the crowd after announcing that The College of Wooster was their first stop on their first ever tour. This album was released through their Washington D.C.- based label ThisCouldGoBoom! which works to allow the voices of women and non-binary folks to be heard through their music.

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