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Study ahead of time, there are better things to do later

Dani Gagnon
Features Editor

We’ve made it through one of the hardest weeks of college, but now we’re faced with the last and probably worst: finals week. And although this week obviously comes with treacherous and expected finals, there are a variety of great activities you have the chance to enjoy one last time before the semester ends. Everyone hates studying, so just do it before all the activities begin and partake in everything you’d much rather do than studying last minute.

Go on a search for the infamous Wooster Hawk. While in that endless Lowry line, we’ve all seen him swoop down on squirrels from the window, taking them off into the sunset. Find out where in the sunset that Hawk goes and unearth the secrets surrounding his lifestyle.

If someone hasn’t pushed you in the Lowry fountain yet, jump in. It’s hot, you’re hot, so jump in the water. Preferably when it’s dark so you can’t see what’s at the bottom — but only feet first. Always, always feet first when you can’t see the bottom.

Nap on a quad. Or, nap in Timken. I hear that under a carrel is a good spot and people usually don’t see you. If they do, they don’t feel quite as comfortable approaching the sprawled body that’s half hidden under precarious furniture.

Go downtown. Especially if you’re a senior, go and meet some Wooster residents. Go to the library, the bookstore and the antique stores. Everyone knows that Wooster is tiny, but it has a lot to offer. So revisit your favorite places before the summer.

Get breakfast at one of the many local churches that run a free breakfast program. Wooster has such a diverse population of people, yet over four years students meet only a select few. Go to breakfast and sit with people who go there daily and listen about what they’re going to do today.

Visit Wooster Memorial Park. Take advantage of the sunshine and go outside; this past week has been so rainy you must have studied then, right? Find some sturdy shoes and enjoy nature. Gently look under rocks and logs for worms. But remember, leave no trace!

Get the best ice cream cone you’ll ever get in Wooster. Go to Hartzler’s and try out their perfect flavors of ice cream from the milk of their local, healthy and happy cows. Play on the swings and don’t drop your ice cream cone.

Appreciate Lowry. And Kitt, but it closes today so kiss that salad bar goodbye. Nonetheless, recognize the beauty of Lowry and all of its choices. Even if we’re only going to be apart for a short while, there will be a void.

Get a haircut. Do it to save yourself from your mother next week. Just spend the money and do it for your mom- — let’s be honest, she’s right.

Obviously these are only a few ideas of what you can do for fun during finals week and I’m sure many people won’t follow up on them. However, my point overall is that no one likes to study, but you need to, and you should do it before you have to miss the last chance to take advantage of all the other activities that are more enjoyable than studying last minute for exams.

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