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COWabunga: Get rid of your unwanted stuff!

Sanjana Kumbhani

Features Editor

It’s that time of the year again; finals are only a few days away and better yet, end of the year checkout day is fast approaching. And while we start packing up all our belongings to head home, we are invariably going to come across a bunch of stuff we want to get rid of. That’s why you should know about COWabunga.

While most upperclassmen may be aware of the program from previous years, for those who have not heard of it before, COWabunga is a student- run donation program in connection with Greenhouse that helps dispose of unwanted clothing, shoes, furniture, books, accessories, electronics and small working appliances.

On the other hand, coat hangers, televisions, food, outdated electronics and things that are in really poor condition will not be accepted. Sb Loder, the sustainability coordinator, spearheaded the program while she was a student at C.O.W. and it is still looked forward to fondly by students. Last year they raised donations worth almost $10,000 and only hope for that number to grow every year.

Since last Tuesday, large laundry bins have been set up in the lounges of all the dorms. Students are free to come and drop off whatever they wish to donate. The collections will be given to Goodwill. Goodwill will be coming every couple of days to pick up whatever has been collected thus far and replace it with new laundry bins. As for the students living in houses, a Goodwill truck will be going around to collect their stuff on May 10.

Everyone wins with this program. Students benefit from having a space for unwanted things or possessions they can’t pack or bring home. Goodwill benefits from massive loads of donations. It’s also a great way to limit both spending and waste.

“For several students, especially seniors and internationals, travelling too heavy is not a viable option and this program helps makes it easier for them. Also, [what’s amazing is that] it’s not just a project for sustainability but it’s also a huge donation to a local charity,” says Madi Hunt ’17, coordinator of COWabunga who first heard about the program through her participation in Greenhouse.

Hunt continued, “I love that I’ve got to work with several departments like Custodial and Res Life for the program. We also have a great group of 12 volunteers who will help sort the bins and get the stuff together.”

If, between now and May 13, you find that you don’t want a particular sweater for next winter, or have jewelry you’ve worn far too many times this year, or a pair of boots that no longer fit you perfectly, or even have a fridge that you have no use for, spot the closest COWabunga bin, lighten your load and donate it to someone who has a need for it.

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